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“History repeats itself,” the original adage was reportedly modified by Mark Twain to read “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” A case study and comparison of events of the American Vietnam War of the previous century and the current ongoing Afghanistan War should indicate which of the two statements is more accurate.
Contrary to the reports of Indian media, Pakistan had a narrow escape from being incorporated into terror financing list of The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an inter-governmental body which monitors the progress of its members in implementing necessary measures, reviews money laundering and terrorist financing techniques and counter-measures and so on. Prior to the announcement, Indian media harped that Pakistan would be enlisted into grey list issued by FATF. Interestingly, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif had already tweeted confidently that Pakistan wouldn’t be grey-listed.
The current economic world order has been repeatedly changing its shape. After the cold war era and fall of Soviet Union, the actual zenith of economic globalization was celebrated at large. However, between the period of end of Soviet Union and financial crisis 2008, the international rate of capital grew from 5 per cent. Besides this, the international trade increased from 39 to 59 per cent. No doubt, that was one of the great eras for developed and developing countries to strengthen their economies under free market system. But, unfortunately the 2008 global financial crisis hindered the economies of the world and led them towards stagnation.
I still remember the central point of an article written by an American psychologist who says that you cannot become mature even at 100 if either of your parents exists. I could feel it in my bones after passage of forty years. My angst is personal; the wound of my heart is deep and looks incurable.
Mercifully, Pakistan was rocked by the brutal rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl, Zainab. She was one of the many victims of a serial killer in the same area of the Kasur town for the past couple of years. The media hoopla brought the critical issue of female abuse at the center stage, which had hitherto been considered a shame and a taboo to talk about.
To encourage taxpayers to pay taxes within a short time frame, the government is planning to bring a scheme of tax amnesty and repatriation of assets program. The objective of the conceived scheme is to boost the income generated from taxes in the state budget.
With the presence of about 28,000 US troops in the South, Pyongyang has always been critical of Washington, considering it as an obstacle in the efforts of ultimate reunification of the two Koreas. The US on the other hand has not tolerated the prospects of a nuclear North Korea and has constantly tried to defang it.
As far as the economic dimension of the corridor is concerned, around 27 economic zones have been planned throughout the length and breadth of the country
The dream of 1.5 billion people of the region for peace and prosperity is still elusive. The peace can only be ensured in the region if the civil and military leadership of both the countries resolve to sort out all the outstanding issues. For this purpose, they need to adopt measures for solution of Kashmir issue keeping in view the self-determination of Kashmiris
Baba Farid-ud-Din MasudGanj-i-Shakr (12thCentury A.D.), a Sufi poet of Punjab,was one these inspiring figure who took Road to Truth in the most testing circumstances.He made humanity remember ‘the Forgotten Truth’. Heinherited a reverentialtradition of knowledge and its realization.
There was a popular theory regarding the Navy Seals ready to swoop in and show their Pakistani counterparts how it is done, if Pak military is not up for the task
The governance has utterly failed in fulfilling its mandatory duties and functions to provide developmental, educational and peaceful environment at the gross root level as enjoined by the provisions of the Punjab Local Government Act, 2015.
Mr. Ejaz ul Haq, Member National Assembly, is the eldest son of former President of Pakistan, General Muhammad Zia ul Haq. He is known for his relation with General Zia ul Haq and he is proud to be so.
Working with outside consultants or people that really can bring you an external perspective or benchmarking to identify opportunities is really a good way to identify a vision for the future
Water logging occurs when the soil gets saturated with water whereas there is insufficient oxygen in the pores for the plant roots to respire as plants need air. Although plants differ in their demand for oxygen
I belong to an army family so there is no single place I have lived in for a long time. I’ve studied mostly in Army Public schools.
If the day that rose on the day following day before yesterday was Tuesday, then what day of the week will rise day after tomorrow
Among the prevalent international relations’ theories such as liberalism, Marxism and constructivism - realism and liberalism are two most important; having disputatious nature in regards to their main ideologies.
The situation is complex having the presence of two peoples and two nationalisms – Jews and Muslims -in a territory. Palestine is a small region of land – roughly 2400 square miles – in the area east of Mediterranean Sea.
Afghanistan, a warn-torn country, wants peace.The peace process is for bringing peace in Afghanistan while concluding a settlement between the Afghan government and the fighting Afghan Taliban. For this purpose, a number of initiatives have been taken, but no one could achieve any considerable result.
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