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can safely presume that in current scenario no government whether political or military can deliver to the masses.
Tolerance breeds tolerance while intolerance breeds violence. So is the case of Faizabad Sit-in (Dharna) in Islamabad where intolerance of government towards the dharnawalas led to the unprecedented violence. Frankly speaking, the government had two options to proceed: use of force or the negotiations. The wisdom required choosing the best option but the government opted for the worst. Happened what happens in such cases. The police came down on the protestors but faced extraordinary resistance. The use of brute force prompted the vigilante mobs to take law in their hands.
Pakistan is a normal as well as peace loving society with the patches of terrorist acts. Prior to invasion of Soviet forces in Afghanistan, the words like terrorism, bomb explosion, heroin or Kalashnikov were rare to be heard in the society. However, the influx of Afghan refugees changed the face of society for good. Now, a whole new generation has come to age with an experience of living in a terror-hit society. Major part of the country has been combed by the armed forces and other areas are still under operation.
A hybrid war, according to Hoffman, can be conducted by both states and non-state actors and incorporates a range of different modes of warfare, including conventional capabilities, irregular tactics and formations, terrorist acts including indiscriminate violence, coercion and criminal disorder
The great purge appears to be a pre-emptive strike by the Crown Prince “who saw the wall coming down and managed to hurdle it.”
If we compare the entry and exit of the rulers of the East and the West, we conclude that the majority of the rulers in west take exit with respect. They don’t have to pass through the tunnel of humiliation and sufferings
Mainstream Islamist parties act politically with a mind to nonpolitical considerations. Most religious parties remain tied to religious movements through informal links and overlapping memberships
It is also time for Pakistan to get on with the job of bringing FATA into the mainstream, thereby creating a distinct Pakistani identity amongst the tribesmen on its side of the border instead of leaving them in the lurch.
Saudi Arabia announced the arrest of 11 princes, including a prominent billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, and dozens of current and former ministers in a sweeping clean-up operation which sent tremors in the Kingdom and shocks around the world capitals. In a separate but related move, the Commander of the Saudi National Guard, once a leading contender to the throne, as well as the navy chief and the economy minister were replaced.
Lt. General (Rtd) Abdul Qadir Baloch is a soldier having prestigious as well as impressive personality. He stepped up the ladder of success gradually during his professional career in Pakistan Army. He joined Pakistan Army in 1967. Major part of his service was spent at LOC, Azad Kashmir.
Xi’s slogan of “Chinese Dream” puts emphasis on individual and national aspirations of Chinese people. Sadly, there is, as yet, nothing called a “Pakistani Dream”.
India does not stop here; allegedly, it has plans to use Afghanistan against China and Pakistan by establishing a commando force to disrupt the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. This overt and covert war will not succeed
Sexual harassment is not your fault. If you are a victim you don’t need to be ashamed of. You need to document the harassment, and report it
The entries in the book range from mundane to magnificent; from simplistic to scholarly; all with an awesome eruditeness and a deep understanding of the culture, social behavior and history of the subcontinent.
Multiculturalism is a form of nation building and not just aimed at immigrant settlement or combating prejudice.
Others from any minority should also opt for appearing in the CSS exams as there is merit based selection and there is no discrimination between the candidates from minority and majority
Smog is made of air pollution that is or looks like a mixture of smoke and fog.
Pakistan’s Air Force C-130 won the best aircraft trophy at the Royal International Tatto Show
At the time of independence in 1947, there came into being a strange country, federation of Pakistan, which had three remarkable features that led to the ultimate dismemberment of its eastern wing.
At the time of independence in 1947, there came into being a strange country, federation of Pakistan, which had three remarkable features that led to the ultimate dismemberment of its eastern wing.
Antonio Guterres, a Portuguese politician, replaced Ban-Ki-Moon as the UN Secretary General on January 1 2017
A politician, lawyer and first governor general of Pakistan
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