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According to the monetary vision of Mr. Trump, "Trade wars are good, and easy to win." But the world markets did not see eye to eye with Mr. Trump and stumbled. They could recover temporarily when Trump hinted elasticity in the implementation of the tariffs
Of all the most salient features of budget for the year 2018-2019 one important feature is that it was presented sixth time in a five years tenure of the present government. Amid hue and cry, Mr. Miftah Ismael, newly appointed Federal Minister, as expected, presented a deficit budget on 27th April 2018.
Indian democracy and Taj Mahal are things on which the Indian intellectuals have been taken pride throughout the years. Now Taj Mahal is suffering a 'cancer type stone disease' while Indian democracy is suffering from Modism.
In fact, Trumps strategy is out-dated, because it is based on the post-World War II notion of a super-power, enjoying un-precedented military and economic power for global domination
The special report published by daily Jang contained a horizontal pictorial string of 12 sons of Lyallpur’s soil. It pictured (from right to left) Habib Jalib, Hassan Nisar, Dr. Abdus Salam, Zia Mohy ud Din, Bhagat Singh, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Amanat Ali,, Muhammad Asif, Saeed Ajmal, Resham and Arfa Karim Randhawa
Pakistan is not the only country having a Supreme Court. The judicial involvement in politics and the politicization of judiciary are twin phenomena that have affected a number of countries, rarely, so towards a positive end. In many Asian nations, the role of Messiah has been taken upon itself by the military authority, a judicial entity, mullahs, monks and clergy, or even the electronic media, each at its own volition.
Extremism and terrorism has now attained a new dimension post-Modi election in 2014. India, is fast loosing its a-religious face with the rise of ultra-right BJP government. Religious minorities are being terrorised.
Sun Tzu a Chinese general, military strategist, writer, and philosopher says, “A leader leads by example not by force.”
Sooner or letter, the federal government may recourse to carve out new provinces or introduce devolution of power. Both the ways can be used to appease the demands of the people.
GoharAyub Khan and his family has played very important role in national politics. For the first time, his uncle Sardar Bahadur Khan joined politics and later on his father field marshal Ayub Khan followed suit. His father also brought Mr. GoharAyub Khan in the politics.
Keeping in view the absence of financial support, a Film Finance Fund was established with five billion rupees, which will be used in making films to promote a tolerant Pakistan
At the end of the day, one can take solace from the fact that no matter how chequered and tortuous the course of events, the Muslim India achieved its manifest destiny and Pakistan is here to stay.
The political influence on different institutions of Pakistan has started fading away and their journey towards betterment has resumed.
On a serious note the alarming thing is that Pakistan is the 9th most obese country out of 188 countries
Having a glance upon the marriages taking place in present day Pakistan, we stumble by finding marriage as a business deal rather than occurring on the basis of mental and physical harmony. No doubt, a marriage as a business deal is not quite a new phenomenon; however, the latest trend is beyond description.
Apoptosis is an evolutionary conserved, innate process by which cell systematically inactivate, disassemble and degrade their own structural and functional components to complete their own demise.
The literal meaning of 'rightly guided caliph' is successor of the messenger of God
In the following questions, the groups of the alphabet series is missing
KIPS is a lighthouse for CSS aspirants. The counseling and mentorship available at this institution is matchless.
Interviews are generally based on open-ended questions. Therefore, one must be articulate and confident.
The Threats Of Global Warming And The Ways To Counter It
Earth is the third planet from the Sun and it is the fifth largest planet of the Solar System while being the densest planet among all.
The United States is the second largest contributor to CO2 in our atmosphere, though it is home to just 4.4 percent of the world’s population.
The region of Jammu and Kashmir is in the northeast of Pakistan.
The Ministry of Defense recommended a new medal on 16th March, 2018 named “Tamgha-e-Azm” for law enforcement and armed forces personnel.
1. The writer of the book “Mu’allaqat” is:
The question comes to mind that why Allama Muhammad Iqbal became a national poet of Pakistan? Its most pertinent answer is because of the role he played for the Muslims of subcontinent who later became the nationals of Pakistan.
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