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Last month, Finance Supplementary (Amendment) Bill 2018 was presented by Finance Minister Asad Umar in the National Assembly. This bill was dubbed as the mini-budget which is unique in a sense that it was third in a year.
The most important development took place last month when Pakistan and United Kingdom inked an agreement relating to money laundering and extradition of looted money and the looters.
Foreign policy is actually a country’s behaviour with regard to other states in the international arena, driven by its need to achieve its goals
The recent letter addressed to the Indian Prime Minister by his Pakistani counterpart has yielded nothing for wooing Indian orthodoxy to hold talks on the eve of 73rd United Nations General Assembly session for respective foreign ministers' meet on its sidelines.
For some the Pak US relations have seen better days. The others believe there is still scope for improvement. As a matter of fact trust deficit has overshadowed the deep rooted bilateral relations.
Keeping in view the increasing environmental pollution and its implications, the new government kick-started the Plant for Pakistan Movement in the country.
The North Korean leader has gained more than Trump. By shaking hands with the president of the United States, he showed the world that he and his nation play a role in the global community.
Mr. Murad Ali joined Foreign Service of Pakistan in 1980. He served as Ambassador to South Korea (2007-2010) and Poland (2010-2013). He was also posted to Pakistani Embassies in Tripoli, Abu Dhabi, Baghdad, Consulate General, Los Angeles, and Mission in London (as Deputy High Commissioner).
According to a Chinese Proverb: “If you are planning for a year sow rice; if you are planning for a decade plant trees; if you are planning for a life time educate people.”
With less than a year to go before we head into general elections in the summer of 2019, it is becoming evident that this will be no ordinary electoral contest between the BJP and the rest because what is at stake is the future of our democratic republic.
A way of communication in which a person has the mental ability to send his thoughts directly to the other person’s mind without using any signals or words.
Hazrat Abu Bakar – the best companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the son of Abu-Qahafa - became the caliph in June 632 A.D; the period of his caliphate covers approximately two years.
Experience of Qualifiers who scored well in these subjects
If the same quantity is added to both the numerator and denominator of a proper fraction, the value of new fraction is
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