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Who writes in the Global Age?

  • Towering scholars, renowned political and social analysts
  • Accomplished and worldly wise writers who pursue journalistic values with a critical eye on the social fabric of Pakistan
  • Military, civil officers and former ambassadors who have a polished vision of the delicate issues of Pakistan and world at large

Such as: Sarwar Sukhera, Hassan Nisar, Sajjad Naseer, Dr. Zafar Jaspal, Hussain Shahid Soharwardi, Dr. Shahid Wazir and others.

Global Age will offer you:

  • Opinionated articles with latest updates
  • Timeline of important events of every month
  • Special corner for competitive exams covering
  • Findings from ‘English Help Desk’
  • “Take a Hint” page
  • Handy hints for individual subjects
  • Interviews with top-grade professionals
  • Pages on World History
  • Something about Geography
  • Research papers on specific subjects
  • Updates on Business/Technology
  • “Go Green” Page
  • Jokes/one-liners
  • Travelogue
  • Beauty/Health Tips
  • Horoscope Corner

and more..

You must read Global Age if you are:

  • An aspirant of competitive exams who wants to get assistance from a valid content offering a complete package
  • A teacher or researcher who deals in national or international affairs of serious magnitude
  • A general reader trying to intensify your notion of world affairs with a bit of fun scattered in a few pages