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Politics of protest: A balanced view

The chequered political history of Pakistan has rarely been without exciting times. Since PTI’s chief Imran Khan (IK) announced his intention to stage “sit in” against the Executive head of the country, whom he desires to come clean on Panama papers leak a bitter harangue- for and against-has gripped the country. It has also led to exchange of toxic and often, street level rant between the PTI and PML (...

Letters To The Editor

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The best part of "Clearance Sale" is no doubt the quote of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) which reads, "Knowledge is the lost birthright of a Momin." The very next line informs about the United Nations' report which reveals that our education system is at least 60 years behind...

Oil Conflicts and the future of Saudi Arabia

How influential is Saudi Arabia in influencing oil prices and why would it want a lower oil price, when the 90% of its revenues depend on crude oil?

It was just over a decade ago that the Hollywood movie “Syrianna” depicting a story of oil, politics and greed in a fictitious Kingdom in the Middle East swamped Box offices across the globe. That reality would soon follow the fiction, h...

Kashmir: Power of Freedom & the Freedom of Power

That is the power of freedom which accepts no shackles, and so is the Mission Kashmir, which comes in the way of Indian ambitions to emerge as a world power

Our ambassador at the United Nations – MalihaLodhi has termed the Kashmir issue as “Mission Kashmir” expressing the thoughts balanced in contrast to the promises made by late PM Nehru: “We stand committed to the world to facilitat...

Democracy in Vogue

The political elite of this country are not going to share benefits, harvested from CPEC or else, with the masses

The impression of democracy is deep upon the people. That's the reason the fashion to save democracy is popular across the country despite the fact Pakistani democracy exists more in theory than in practice. This is the real success of our political elite. In fact, the la...

Interview with General Mahmud Ali Durrani


GEN DURRANI: No doubt, I asked my staff officer to load boxes of mangoes in General Zia’s plane. In fact, I issued orders to give mangoes to General Zia when he visited me. I gave orders and forgot but the orders are carried out in Army. General Zia visited Multan and then left fo...

Present Issues of Governance and the Future of Government

We believe that powers can be separated and balanced against each other, that deliberative laws would yield fair laws, and that the common good can be raised by the self-interested behaviour of individuals

Few of us are gifted with clairvoyance, or born with a sixth sense to prophesy the shape of things to come. It is, however, possible to foresee or, to a lesser degree, predict the...

Corruption Culture and National Security

"Dain bhi 7 ghar chor deti hai; Larkana tu PPP ka apna shahar hai"

"Even a witch/hag would spare seven houses in her neighbourhood, Larkana is PPPs own hometown"— Remarks by Sindh High Court Chief Justice, Sajjad Ali Shah on Faryal Talpur's case involving embezzlement  of Rs 90 billion from development funds allotted for Larkana

Letter to Adnan Sami Khan from His Father (Late) Arshad Sami Khan


I do not wish to start with the term "dear" or "son", because I do not wish to acknowledge that you are either of those for me. I am a miserable soul and I do not wish to increase my torment here. Mr. Adnan, let me introduce myself to you, because you seem to have forgotten it all. Let me refresh your arrogance - fogged memory.

I am a Pakistan Air Force officer...

Madrassah Reforms

A political government can bring reform, provided it has a will to take the opposition of religious right. Political parties must come out of their parochial and myopic vision on the issue of madrassah reform

The silent but peaceful role of Islamic seminaries (madrassahs) has roots in history; however, these seminaries took a new turn during General...

Women Empowerment

Due to the efforts made by different government, overall situation improved with regard to women empowerment. However, there is still a long way to go

Pakistan being one of the 193 United Nations member states resolved to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. The goal 3 of MDGs binds the member countries of United Nations to promote ...

Interview (Specimen)

My interview was held at the Lahore Centre on 11th of January 2016. The interview panel included the worthy chairman FPSC MrNaveed Akram Cheema, Mr. AkhlaqTarrar, Mr. Ahmed Baksh Lehri, Mr. Rizwanul Haq Mahmood and Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Kazi. The panel was very friendly and accommodating. The duration of the interview lasted for about 30 minutes. This is how it went.  
(Mirza Waleed Baig...

CSS Interview How to Make the Most of this Decisive Opportunity?

For many, the interview phase of CSS is a more daunting process than the written exam and rightly so because it’s but that last decisive step which one has to tread on carefully so as to ascend towards the aspired-for success in CSS. Where the written part of CSS exam requires months of meticulous preparation and entails a virtual struggle against the unknown (for one never knows who would be marking on...

Tips for Attempting the Sociology Examination

Attempting the Sociology examination requires understanding of three core areas/subjects.

Special Techniques to Score High In Sociology Examination

As Sociology requires no prior learning or achievement, it is useful to have a proficiency in Essay Writing

Attempt the Sociology objective questions by applying the technique of POE ...

Grammar Point Avoid Grammatical Mistakes! By Knowing How to Use "Analogy"

“Analogies make complex subjects easier to understand”

An analogy is a way of stating a comparative relationship between two sets of terms. A and B (of the first set) are related to each other in the same way that C and D (of the second set) are related to each other. An analogy is often represented as follows: A : B :: C : D. For example, "Teacher...

English Essay Post War Recovery Not Possible Without Economic and Security Reforms


1 Introduction

i.i- War always brings death, destruction and decay in society and leaves the war farers in shatter. It is post war time period that decides the real hero of the wars.

i.ii- Interpretation of key terms- Post War Recovery, Economic and Security Reforms.

2 Precedents from the pages...

The Important Events Taking Place in Sept & Oct 2016 Timeline: 16th September — 15th October

16th Sep

Nawaz sharif presided over a meeting of Hurriyat leaders in Muzzafarabad.

London mayor Sadiq Khan criticized Donald Trump on his visit to US.

The Foreign Office said that India had agreed to provide 'material evidence' required for taking forward the trial in Pakistan of the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

An international i...

General Knowledge in Pictures

Baltic States

Baltic States comprise three neighboring countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, situated on the eastern coast of Baltic Sea.

The natives of Latvia and Lithuania are called Baltic People.

All three countries are parliamentary democracies.

Baltic States got independence after First World War, but were occupied by...


Current Affairs

1: The third Punjab Education Sector Project will receive ___ from World Bank.

A. $100m

B. $200m

C. $300m

D. $400m

2: Pakistan has ___ formal border crossings with Afghanistan.

A. 8

B. 9

C. 10

D. 11

Education and Cricket

Let me tell you the difference between an ordinary cricketer and a great cricketer. An ordinary cricketer throws his wicket away after making a fifty while a great player tries to convert his fifty into a century

Irrespective of caste, creed and culture, every Pakistan must get education at any cost. Education should be the top priority of every underprivileged Pakistani. Poverty breed...

Into the Wilderness

An earlier work by the artist, the painting is a somber reflection on the sublime beauty of the wilderness near Bani Gala, in Islamabad. No less than any work of art by the Romantics, the painting draws the viewer in with its melancholy undertones of blue and grey. The decaying trees, contrasted with the green fields around them, present a unique and rarely-seen aspect of our local landscape, one that h...