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Kashmir Pricking the World’s Conscience?

By now over 200 million in Pakistan are quite accustomed to its neighbour in the east whipping up war hysteria even if a pigeon crossed over from this side of border. The latest fit of New Delhi’s sabre-rattling comes in the wake of September 18 militants attack on an Indian military base in Uri, in the disputed Kashmir state. There are a few fundamental issues here that need to be understood first and ...

Letters to the Editor

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Star Wars

After ravishing the beauty and serenity of nature upon the surface of earth, man has entered into space with weapons of mass destructions. As reported by Dr. Zafar Jaspal in his article “Militarization of Space”, the species called humans are in danger. The cover story...

Indo-US Strategic Engagement

This strategic partnership is visible in all the aspects of the bilateral relationship and is noticeable in the New Framework for the Defense Agreement

One of the most striking features of US and Indian foreign policy during the last decade has been their strategic engagement with each other. Today, these estranged democracies of the Cold War era have become engaged democracies. Both h...

Out-Bursts of Altaf Hussain Ignite Political Cloud Burst

Altaf Hussain, the founding Chairman of Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) through his three minutes outbursts on 22 August against Pakistan; the armed forces of Pakistan and the political leadership has caused a cloud burst effect on the domestic politics of Pakistan. Political sanity appears to bring stability and rapid change, which need to be watched and analyzed.

Altaf Hussain did some...

Clearance Sale

We believe, "Knowledge is the lost birthright of a Momin." However, the United Nations` report reveals that our education system is at least 60 years behind from the modern systems

There is a plenty of topics to write on during Eid holidays but I know the topics cannot be frozen like mutton or beef in the freezers. Unfortunately, the topics I want to discuss here may be outmoded betwee...

An Interview With Asad Umer Senior Party Leader of Tehreek E Insaaf

Global Age: You Were A Successful CEO Of A Pretigious Company. Surprisingly, You Left The Company and Joined A Political Party. What Were The Reasons?

ASAD UMER: Well it’s a much asked question. The basic reason was that we had led Engro Corp. to a level from where it was not possible to move to the next stage without reforming our national economy. Furthermore, you know you cannot upg...

Migrant Crisis: Impact of Islam in Europe

Admittedly, the European Union's genuine efforts to find a middle way between "Asylum shopping" and "Asylum Orbiting" is a welcome step

It was one year ago that the picture of three year old Alan Kurdi thrown ashore on a Turkish coast by the mighty waves of the Mediterranean sea made headlines. In a matter of hours, the millions of shares in print, electronic and social media made it ...

Letters to the Editor

Regular writers pen their words with the illusion that whole of the world has been waiting impatiently for their pearls of wisdom. Letter-writers, however, have no such grandiose pretensions

I always find ‘Letters to the Editor’ section in dailies and periodicals most enjoyable to read. These are often short and crisp comments that shred to pieces the long-winded columns, half-baked be...

Macroeconomic Stability for Commoners or Rent Seekers

The World Bank (WB) in its recent reports listed Pakistan a country that has successfully restored economic stability and brought the economy on sound footings

Pakistan Government and State Bank remain confident that the country has achieved Macroeconomic Stability through sustained improvements in eco- nomic fundamentals during the tenure of the present government. Macroeconomic stabi...

Wonders of the Sea

In the ocean's fathomless depths, well beyond the crushing limits of even steel-hulled submersibles, live miraculously resilient creatures surviving in an incredibly harsh environment

The sea hath no king but god alone — Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The maritime domain, which constitutes over 70 percent of the world’s surface area, holds many marvels in its midst, the p...

Fata Reforms

The Parliament of Pakistan, the law making body of Pakistan, can play no role in the affairs of FATA according to the FCR despite the presence of elected tribal representatives in the National Assembly

Located in northwestern Pakistan, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is a semiautonomous tribal region bordering Afghanistan. The reforms in the FATA are important in many ways. ...

Interview with a Bureaucrat Couple Haseeb Mayo (Foreign Service of Pakistan) Quratulain Malik (Pakistan Administrative Services) CSS 2010

Global Age: Our readers would love to know about your educational background so kindly throw some light on it.

Haseeb Mayo: After completing my FSc, I did Electrical Engineering from UET Lahore. I am also a Law graduate from the University of the Punjab

GA: what was your source of inspiration to appear in CSS?

Haseeb Mayo: The people of Pakistan ...

The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order Book Review Part III

Huntington's thesis is intensely provocative. But as he himself admits in his introduction, “the Clash” is an over-simplified conceptual model

Movement against Westernization

Huntington argues that there is an increasing movement against Westernisation all over the world. He specifically mentions references towards "Asianization" in Japan , “re-Islamization" of the...

General Knowledge in Pictures

Central Asian Countries

Central Asia consists of five independent states.

It extends from Caspian Sea in West to China in the East and from Afghanistan in South to Russia in the North.

Islam is the widely practiced religion in Central Asia.

Central Asia has third largest oil reserves in the world


The Important Events Taking Place in Aug & Sept, 2016 Timeline: 16th August — 15th September

16th Aug

China launched the world's first quantum satellite.

17th Aug

India said that it was willing to talk to Pakistan on Kashmir, but only in the context of cross-border terrorism.

Turkey started freeing first of some 38,000 prisoners not linked to the failed coup.

Australia agreed to close a camp for asylum...

Assignment of the Month

Q. Discuss in detail the efficacy of counter terrorism measures adopted by the government especially with reference to the national action plan?

A: Counter terrorism incorporates the military strategies, practices and procedures applied by the government, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and other organizations in order to combat terrorism. Pakistan is facing a daunting threat of terr...

Health Benefits of Coconut

HELPS PREVENT OBESITY by speeding up metabolism, providing an immediate source of energy with fewer calories than other fats. People who consistently use coconut products, report a stronger ability to go without eating for several hours with no affects of hypoglycemia.

IMPROVES HEART HEALTH by providing healthy short chain and medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) that are essential to good ...

It Is Just Not Cricket

Owing to its riches, PCB can rightly be called a gold mine where everyone seems trying one's luck

I am thankful to Almighty who granted me opportunity to wear green cap for almost 18 years. During my career, I was honored to be the captain of Pakistan’s cricket team for a short while. It has been 25 years since I have left cricket. However, I have seen many ups and down in PCB during m...

Painting of the Month Last of the Smouldering Autumn Days

Painting by Dr. Arshad Maqbool

The artist explores the autumnal landscapes of the countryside as the sun sets over fields ravaged by the passing of time. The darkness of the scene is made palpable by solid, laden brushstrokes and the use of darker, more somber tones. The reds of the flowers and the sky seting afire by the setting sun are offset by the black paint used to show the tre...