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IMF bail-out To be, or not to be, that’s the $10-or-$12-billion question

Prime Minister Imran Khan confronts crucial choices in coping with forex fix

Pakistan’s olive branch policy

The Global Age view: our policymakers ought to judge the global and domestic environment and ‎frame robust and pragmatic policies leading to a sound policy

Pakistan vs the Muslim World Tehran + Riyadh peace equation = Islamabad

  • KIPS Bureau
  • Nov, 2018
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  • Pakistan vs the Muslim World
The Global Age view: with no solution in sight to the Yemen and Iran-Saudi Arabia crises, Pakistan ‎could bring peace

Is Trump playing his final trump card? ‎

The Global Age view: the United States-Iran ties are getting worse and the winds of change are getting ‎wilder

Heads the dollar wins, tails the rupee loses

The Global Age view: the country's currency slides in an apparent attempt to cure the current account ‎deficit and the economic mess

For a few barrels more The Global Age view: oil could soon hit $100 a barrel

THE reasons are manifold. The Iranian sanctions, supply problems in the United States and less spare ‎capacity from the 15-member Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) all have some ‎crude-oil market participants betting that black gold prices may head to $100, a price unseen since ‎‎2014. ‎

Resident (cyber) evil

The Global Age view: unlike nukes, there is no clear protocol for when cyber-warfare should be used, ‎or how to respond to an attack

Climate Change All roads lead to Paris

The Global Age view: although the Paris Agreement was lauded by many, criticism has also piled up ‎since then

Population Growth From baby boomers to doomers

The Global Age view: nine countries, including Pakistan and India, will account for half the world's ‎population growth between now and 2050‎

‎‘Why has the Islamic world distanced from science?’‎

The Global Age view: a decade ago there was excitement about the prospects for Islamic science and ‎innovation. Was this optimism misplaced?

Men still outstrip women Women’s Representation in the Political Structure (1947-2018)‎

The Global Age view: in politics, the past 16 years have seen significant developments in terms of ‎women's participation

Muslim world vs globalisation

As a political, economic, cultural and technological phenomenon, globalisation is not very new, says ‎Nasir Khan

It’s make or break for Yemen

The Global Age view: the second-largest Arab state could be facing the worst famine in 100 years if air-‎strikes by the Saudi-led coalition are not halted

A man for all seasons

The Global Age view: Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan was the first coined the 'Two - Nation theory' but his ‎ideas on education has left behind a legacy

Clash of Civilisations

The Global Age review: Samuel Huntington's book, full of no-nonsense reasoning, sees cultural and ‎religious identities as the prime source of conflict in the post-Cold War world

International Relations

Three decades after this tiny Central American nation became the prize in a Cold War battle with ‎Washington, Russia is once again planting its flag in Nicaragua.‎

Tsunami formation theory NASA's new study makes waves

TSUNAMIS are a series of massive waves that ripple out from the earthquake, volcanic eruption, ‎landslide or underwater detonation that caused them. ‎

The Nile River

THE Nile was always there, long before Cairo, long before the tombs of kings. It was the reason for ‎everything. ‎

A brief history of America

The history of America is vast and complex but can be broken down into moments and periods that ‎divided, unified and changed the United States into the country it is today‎.

Four rules it's okay to break (sometimes)‎

You shudder at a split infinitive, know when to use 'that' or 'which' and would never confuse 'less' with ‎‎'fewer', but are these rules always right, elegant or sensible, ask KIPS Bureau ‎grammarians

An Interview With Zainab Ahmed Cheema

Global Age talks to Miss Cheema, who joined KIPS in 2013 and passed her CSS exam with merit ‎number 15, about her educational background and pre-exam preparation

Quiz Quest

Our KIPS Bureau’s Quiz Quest team puts our readers through their paces on a string of key subjects ‎such as ‘Current Affairs’, ‘Pakistan Affairs’ and ‘International Relations’‎