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Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord is horrendous for US business

The Paris Agreement commits countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Pakistan’s Massive March Calls out Military Overreach

  • Daud Khattak
  • Dec, 2019
  • 170
  • Pakistan Military-Civilian Power Struggle
The Azadi March has brought the religious right and secular left together on a one-point agenda of civilian supremacy.

Ahmadis Once Again Fear the Fallout From Pakistan’s Political Tussles

“All political issues, which have nothing to do with us, see us becoming the scapegoats,” says the Ahmadiyya community’s spokesperson.

Why has the CPEC projects’ hype subsided lately?

In a break from earlier feverish optimism, discussions about the CPEC have become more muted in Pakistan.

Balochistan’s Students Take to the Streets

Protests at one of Pakistan’s largest universities continue to widen after a surveillance, harassment and blackmail scandal broke open.

The Return of the Pakistani Taliban

After fading in the wake of 2014’s Operation Zarb-e-Azb, the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan is poised for a resurgence.

Buying American

Phase one, scene two China tries to squeeze more out of a small trade deal with America

Iran’s nuclear programme takes a dangerous step

Its breakout time for a bomb is getting shorter

War Is Not Over

  • Tanisha M.
  • Dec, 2019
  • 355
  • United States Military Strategy
What the Optimists Get Wrong About Conflict

There will be a one-state solution

But what kind of state will it be?

Hong Kong Protests: How Does This End?

A bill before Congress would put the United States squarely on the side of the protesters, even as the demonstrations seem to spin out of control.

The Kartarpur Factor

India is not likely to reverse its decision on Kashmir in the absence of real international pressure, nor is it likely to eliminate the Kashmiri resistance short of an exponential escalation in its already massive human rights violations in the Valley.

Why the European Parliament Group’s Kashmir Visit Backfired on India

The curated visit of far-right European politicians to Kashmir was a dangerous gamble for India’s foreign policy.

Pakistani Train Inferno Was Decades in the Making

The nation’s railway system has long been plagued by corruption and mismanagement, despite serving as the only link between many cities and towns.

The West’s Obsession with Border Security Is Breeding Instability

In the name of fighting illegal immigration, the EU, the United States, and Australia are emboldening authoritarian regimes, fueling abuses and corruption, and stoking intolerance at home.

Climate Change Is Coming for Global Trade

As sea levels rise and storms become fiercer, container shipping could be in for major disruptions.

An H.I.V. Outbreak Puts Spotlight on Pakistan’s Health Care System

After the reuse of syringes infected hundreds of children in a small city, health workers say the entire system needs to be revamped.

Trump Crushes Palestinian Hopes Again

The U.S. Middle East peace plan may be in a coma. But that hasn’t stopped Washington from handing major diplomatic victories to Israel.

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It is never over

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