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Has the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Stalled?

##In a break from earlier feverish optimism, discussions about the CPEC have become more muted in Pakistan.

With the Afghan Taliban in Islamabad

The development is significant, if not unprecedented, for many reasons.

In Pakistan’s Thar Desert

While much of the world has been shifting away from coal, Pakistan, one of the smallest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions historically, is intending to burn a lot more of it in the coming years.

Why Imran Khan Acknowledged Pakistan’s Role in Training Jihadists

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan landed himself in fresh controversy when he talked about Pakistan’s role in training jihadists during the late 1980s and sustaining contacts with them.

Capitalizing on India’s Eco-friendly Culinary Traditions

Bamboo straws or edible ones - such as those made of macaroni - are just the tip of the growing iceberg of eco-friendliness. There is a restaurant in New York where the forks are potato-made and even the waiters wear “biodegradable sneakers.”

Defense Dialogue Highlights Vietnam-India Security Ties

The interaction spotlighted the ongoing activity in the defense aspect of the broader bilateral relationship.

India’s Northeast Erupts in Protest Against Plan to Amend Citizenship Laws

Controversy persists over the National Register of Citizens and its ensuing implementation.

Amid China-US Rivalry

  • Kamal Dev
  • Nov, 2019
  • 575
  • U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy
With Xi Jinping expected to visit Nepal soon, Kathmandu is caught between the BRI and the United States’ Indo-Pacific strategy.

Pakistan’s Approach to Navigating Saudi-Iran Tensions: Solidarity With Riyadh

  • Umair Jamal
  • Nov, 2019
  • 765
  • Iran-Saudi Arabia Relations
How to make sense of Pakistan’s new approach of solidarity towards Saudi Arabia.

The Deafening Silence of Pakistani Jihadists and Radicals on China’s Uyghurs

The position of radical groups on Xinjiang shows which ones are closer to the establish

Why Imran Khan’s ‘Kashmir Hour’ Fell Flat

Why did the Pakistani prime minister’s efforts appear to falter?

What the Apparent Collapse of Afghan Peace Talks Means for Pakistan

How will Islamabad adapt to Trump’s latest sudden move?

UN General Assembly 2019: All the latest updates

  • The KIPS
  • Nov, 2019
  • 555
  • UN General Assembly Annual Session
All the latest updates as world leaders gather in New York for the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Hong Kong

The people of Hong Kong, Kashmir and Palestine have long histories of resistance to oppression.

Afghanistan’s Victory for Democracy and Loss for Peace

No matter the outcome, this weekend’s presidential election will likely set back the peace process with the Taliban.

Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ strategy on Iran did not fail

Despite Bolton’s departure and Tehran’s recent aggressions, Trump’s bold Iran strategy still has a chance to succeed.

Partition: An event to celebrate mourn or forget

Pakistan, India and Bangladesh each remember Partition differently and all seem to forget the role of colonialism.

Kashmir: Emerging as India’s West Bank?

Around two months after ending the special status of India-Occupied Kashmir (IOK), New Delhi’s next move is to ensure the total absorption of the occupied territory in the Indian Union.

Pakistan’s Approach to Navigating Saudi-Iran Tensions: Solidarity with Riyadh

How to make sense of Pakistan’s new approach of solidarity towards Saudi Arabia.

Muhammad Atif Jalib (Pakistan administrative service)

Mr. Atif is thankful to all faculty members of KIPS, Karachi. He stood 33rd in CSS’18 and 2nd in Sindh(u).

What does the Royal Visit mean for Pakistan?

Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, visited Pakistan for the first Royal trip to the South Asian country in over a decade.

This November there seems to be nothing to say

Get ready... The KIPS Bureau’s November sizzling quiz is paved with a tiny pile of questions set on Islamic Studies and Current Affairs