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Quarantined - A viral oblivion of an epidemiological civilization

The World Health Organization has labelled the novel coronavirus a pandemic, after it became clear that Covid-19 was spreading freely across the globe.

Sultans on Wings: The Symbolism of Weapon Names in India and Pakistan

Religion and history are central to how both sides name some of their key platforms and equipment.

Pakistani Women Are Ready for Another Aurat March. Is Pakistan?

Since 2018, the march has attracted fierce criticism, especially online. But the organizers and participants are undaunted.

Pakistan: How ‘Accountability’ Became a Tool for Political Oppression

Pakistan’s judiciary acknowledges the political victimization of the opposition, backed by military agencies.

The Future of AI Depends on Asia

Recent geopolitical, economic and epidemic shocks in Asia reveal the real value of the region in the global economy and its future impact on world’s technological development.

China, ASEAN Band Together in the Fight Against Coronavirus

The ASEAN-China special session on COVID-19 may mark the start of China offering assistance and expertise to other countries battling the outbreak.

Liberalism - According to The Economist

Founded in 1843 to spread the doctrine of laissez-faire, the magazine has wielded influence like no other. But at what cost?

Huawei Doubles Down on Europe With New Factory

The France-based plant will be the company’s first manufacturing plant outside of China.

How Nepal Is Protecting Its Wildlife

Nepal makes progress in wildlife conservation but it risks becoming a transit hub.

Will Climate Change Derail the ‘Asian Century’?

Climate change could bring an untimely end to the story of a rising Asia.

Pakistan’s Uniform Curriculum May Fall Short

The Imran Khan government sees uniformity as a way to address issues of equity

The Rising Domestic Danger to India’s Foreign Policy Under Modi

Whether New Delhi likes it or not, it is becoming increasingly clear that domestic issues are affecting ties with its neighbors and partners and that the costs of this are increasing.

Why Afghanistan Is America’s Greatest Strategic Disaster

Pompeo’s plan to make peace with the resurgent Taliban is a sad reminder of all that went wrong in Afghanistan-and how it could have been otherwise.

No End in Sight to the Oil Price War Between Russia and Saudi Arabia

Riyadh and Moscow are both betting they can win a global game of chicken over production.

This decade belonged to China. So will the next one

The west is still finding it extraordinarily difficult to come to terms with China’s remarkable ascent

What’s CPEC and How Does the Future of the Multipolar World Depend on It?

The world order is going through profound changes in transitioning from the Western-controlled unipolar system to the non-Western model of multipolarity, and the ongoing multifaceted friction between the opposing forces sums up the nature of the New Cold War.

Arms control provides the only path to peace

The current US approach to nuclear weapons can only lead to Armageddon

The Anti-Terror Fight

Grief-stricken parents and families wanted accountability and an investigation.

A Pandemic of Fear

The two seemingly unrelated developments - the COVID-19 pandemic and the oil price war - are not as unrelated as they may seem at first.

The renewable revolution

There is far too much negativity in the air, and some feedback I have received from those who follow my articles says they are keen to hear what suggestions I might have for the government, rather than just relentless criticism.

Dynasties and cults

  • Dr Niaz
  • Apr, 2020
  • 252
  • Power Politics
In developed states, policies largely attract votes. In developing ones, electables gain vote banks by promising patronage goodies directly to local clans.

Ali Hassan Raza

  • The KIPS
  • Apr, 2020
  • 453
Our bureau talks to Ali, who joined KIPS and passed his CSS exam with merit number 55, He told that I must say that when it comes to CSS preparation, KIPS Institute under the leadership of Sir Dr. Shahid Wazir Khan has made its mark in every nook and corner of the country.