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Dam to the rescue!

This July, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam and declared that the government would build more dams to generate low-cost hydel power.

Pakistan’s Great Digital Divide

  • Shah Meer
  • Aug, 2020
  • 654
  • Pakistan Rural-Urban Divide
A new reliance on virtual life in the COVID-19 era has laid bare the lack of internet access for much of the country

Inside Pakistan’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Detective work is at the heart of efforts to fight the pandemic. Will it be enough?

PTI’s Struggle to Govern Pakistan

Having repeatedly targeted and rejected the previous government’s economic policies, which included seeking an IMF loan, the PTI could not afford to go to the IMF immediately after winning the election

Wither U.S.-Pak Relations? Impact of American Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Pakistan has not fully complied with the United States’ ask to do more against the Taliban and the Haqqani Network

Uzair Baloch, the Pakistan People’s Party, and the 18th Constitutional Amendment

How a gangster from Karachi may become central to one of Pakistan’s defining constitutional amendments

Minorities Under Attack as Prime Minister Imran Khan Pushes ‘Tolerant’ Pakistan

Khan preaches a tolerant vision for Pakistan, but also cedes power to extreme Islamic clerics

The Racist Origins of U.S. Policing

Demilitarization will require decolonization

Congress Must Protect America’s Treaties

  • Scott R.
  • Aug, 2020
  • 579
  • Trump Administration
It is not too late to stop Trump from abandoning vital international agreements

China’s Self-Defeating Nationalism

Brazen diplomacy and rhetorical bluster undercut Beijing’s influence

How to Deglobalize

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, politicians are calling for a rethinking of global supply chains. If they are serious, they’ll need to proceed carefully

The Next Liberal Order

  • G. John
  • Aug, 2020
  • 677
  • International Affairs
The age of contagion demands more internationalism, not less

Trump is Escalating the Trade Fight with Europe-and There’s No Easy Way Out

Not even a Biden victory would heal the wounds in the U.S.-EU relationship

How to Ruin a Superpower

Washington’s status as a superpower has been declining for years. Trump’s handling of the pandemic is killing it off

Australia is Having a Strategic Revolution, and It’s All About China

The Australian government has announced a major shift to its regional policy. Will the United States notice in time?

Military Deglobalization?

Long-distance military interdependence is taking new forms

India’s Pivot to Australia

  • Harsh V.
  • Aug, 2020
  • 478
  • Strategic Studies
With discussions underway for Canberra to join the Malabar naval exercises, New Delhi hopes to add a new backer in its fight against China

After India’s Skirmish With China, Is Pakistan Next?

Looking to reinvigorate support at home, Modi could pick a fight with his country’s traditional enemy

What China-Iran deal means for Washington

China’s multibillion economic and security deal with Iran could be a double-edged sword

Defence Budget

Pakistan spends 2.86 percent of her GDP on defense, the global average is 2.18 percent

Proposed Iran-China deal

At the moment, there is little chance of China defying a sanctions regime for illusionary benefits

Cry for PIA

It turns out that the minister does not have evidence that the pilot licences in question are fake

Command & Control Governance

The NCOC and NLCC are valuable examples of what, in our context, is called ‘hybrid governance’

Land Reform Now

It’s not theirs to keep, the same way it wasn’t our colonisers’ to give