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Pakistan Islamists

  • Umair Jamal
  • Dec, 2020
  • 108
  • Radical Leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi is Dead - But His Ideology Will Live On in Pakistan
Leader of a right-wing party with pull, Rizvi’s death will not diminish extremist politics in Pakistan

South Asia Conflict

  • Shahid Hussain
  • Dec, 2020
  • 112
  • The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Diplomatic Repercussions for Pakistan
While Nagorno-Karabakh is over 2,000 kilometers from Pakistan’s borders, its conflicts may have a lasting effect on Pakistan’s diplomacy

Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations

  • Rahim Faiez
  • Dec, 2020
  • 113
  • Pakistan’s Prime Minister Khan on ‘Historic’ First Visit to Afghanistan
The uneasy neighbors are trying to turn the corner from a relationship marked by suspicion and downright hostility toward a partnership for peace in the region

Pakistan-India Relations

  • Umair Jamal
  • Dec, 2020
  • 72
  • What Explains the Timing of Pakistan’s Anti-India Dossier?
Islamabad has come forward with evidence about India’s role in spreading terrorism in Pakistan. That might be a politically smart move

Gilgit-Baltistan Reforms

  • Sudha Ramachandran
  • Dec, 2020
  • 88
  • The Complex Calculus Behind Gilgit-Baltistan’s Provincial Upgrade
Kashmir, India, and China: The creation of Pakistan’s newest province will have far-flung geopolitical ripples

US Pakistan Policy

  • Umair Jamal
  • Dec, 2020
  • 101
  • From Trump to Biden: Will Anything Change for Pakistan in Washington?
Brace for more of the same when it comes to Pakistan-US relations under Joe Biden

New Development Bank

Western reactions to 12th BRICS Summit are largely dismissive, but critics overlook tangible benefits for member countries

Middle East Studies

  • Steven A.
  • Dec, 2020
  • 86
  • No Exit Why the Middle East Still Matters to America
Washington needs to figure out its interests in the Middle East and craft a strategy to advance them

Natural Resources

By 2050, many areas around the world will face flood levels every year

Afghan Argument

Afghanistan’s jihadi insurgents are ready to give America what it wants: defeat without humiliation

China-Taliban Relations

  • Sohrab Azad
  • Dec, 2020
  • 74
  • China’s Stake in the Afghan Peace Process
Afghanistan is already of strategic importance to Beijing. As U.S. troops leave, China’s influence will grow

Security Alliances

  • Michael Rubin
  • Dec, 2020
  • 107
  • The Middle East Strategic Realignment Reverberates Through South Asia
As momentous as the slow collapse of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the strategic reorientation within the Middle East is, its impact on South Asia will also be momentous

Pakistan Energy Shortage

A roadmap to finally solving Pakistan’s energy crisis through “energy productivity”

Victoria Belt and Road

  • Katie Howe
  • Dec, 2020
  • 88
  • Australia and China: It’s Complicated
Even amid the current tensions, the state of the relationship is more complex than headlines would suggest


  • Durdana Najam
  • Dec, 2020
  • 103
  • Pak-US Relations and the Indian Factor
Pakistan has always accused the US of not understanding its regional interests

Point of View

  • Imtiaz Ali
  • Dec, 2020
  • 94
  • In Support of Large Dams
Pakistan is blessed with a large hydroelectric potential and should not ignore it


  • Hasaan Khawar
  • Dec, 2020
  • 55
  • Umpteen Commissions on Civil Service Reforms
Unless the two sides come to consensus on problems of the civil service, no commission can reverse the downward trend

Military Vs Militants

The election of Joe Biden as US president has added new dimensions to the already complex situation

Strategic Studies

  • Fatima Raza
  • Dec, 2020
  • 69
  • Can Biden Salvage The Iran Nuclear Deal?
Biden administration would have to first ascertain its expectations, pre-conditions prior to talks with Iranian govt

Middle East Landscape

The Palestinian struggle has long been an accepted moto in Arab/Muslim narrations and continues to be used to this day to mobilize the populace

World Bank

  • Jason Hickel
  • Dec, 2020
  • 65
  • Apartheid in the World Bank and the IMF
These institutions were designed with colonial principles in mind, and they remain largely colonial in character to this day

US Presidency

  • Joe Macaron
  • Dec, 2020
  • 59
  • Trump is Leaving Biden A Landmine Field in the Middle East
Biden will bring change to policy-making in Washington, but he will still struggle with Trump’s legacy

G-B Polling

  • M. Ziauddin
  • Dec, 2020
  • 105
  • The Importance of Being G-B
Nothing can bar G-B’s people from taking in their own hands power to self-rule with the region’s security underwritten

Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Patricia Scotland
  • Dec, 2020
  • 86
  • In the Time of Pandemic, Debt Relief Efforts Need to Go Further
For the global economy to recover quickly, not only the poorest but all small and vulnerable nations should have access to debt relief

Climate Change

  • Hindou Oumarou
  • Dec, 2020
  • 89
  • Lessons Learned From COVID-19 Can Help Us Fight Climate Change
Just like COVID-19, climate change is destroying lives and ruining livelihoods on a daily bases across the world


  • Dec, 2020
  • 118
  • The Crisis of Free Expression
Much has happened in recent decades, from the rise of Islamophobic troll workshops in India to renewed anti-Semitism in Europe and Facebook-created “bubbles” in the United States, to thwart the pseudo-religious faith that free expression is an unquestionable value, an unequivocal sign of ethical and civic advancement.