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I had a Dream!

Fifty seven years ago at the footsteps of Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech in the ‘symbolic shadow’ of the ‘great American’ Abraham Lincoln.

Iran and Pakistan: Placing Border Problems in Context

Pakistan and Iran always seem to end up on opposite sides of the table, but they continue to try and grow relations

Pakistan and Azerbaijan: Deepening a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Azerbaijan and Pakistan share an enduring diplomatic relationship, though there are some challenges to the further development of relations

Pakistan Jet with 98 Aboard Crashes in Crowded Neighborhood

The pilot was heard transmitting a mayday to the tower shortly before the crash of Flight 8303

Pakistan’s ‘Occupied Balochistan’

Drawing parallels with Bosnia, Palestine, and Kashmir, the Balochistan National Party chief accused the state of colonizing the region

What Does India’s Election as a Non-Permanent Member of the UNSC Mean For Pakistan?

Will Islamabad face consequences at the Security Council with India’s membership?

Post-Pandemic - Will Bali Rethink Tourism?

After COVID-19, what do Balinese want their island’s ‘new era’ to look like?

Pakistan’s Confused COVID-19 Response

Pakistan’s coronavirus fight needs clear public messaging to avert a public health crisis

The Pandemic’s Hidden Casualty: Human Rights

For many of Asia’s indigenous peoples, COVID-19 is exacerbating long-standing policies of marginalisation

China Is Losing India

A clash in the Himalayas will push New Delhi toward Washington

India picks a side in the new cold war

It is folly for China to drive its rival into America’s arms

Birds of a feather: White supremacy and Zionism

White supremacy and Zionism are two of a kind, with both modelled on ethnic exclusion. Therefore, if one opposes exclusion, and the desire for a racially or religiously ‘pure’ nation, one must oppose Zionism

Is Pakistan Ready To Crack Down On Afghan Taliban Sanctuaries?

Regional specialists hope that this time around Islamabad will follow through on its words

China Ramps Up Role In Afghanistan Ahead of U.S. Withdrawal

China, more than anyone else, wants to see a harmonious Afghanistan-Pakistan relation and will contribute to any effort that helps improve the mutual trust and relations between the two sides

UAVs Over the Maritime Horizon

  • Jr Ng
  • July, 2020
  • 265
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
Maritime patrolling with UAVs has becoming the norm, allowing manned missions to be dedicated to more mission specific tasks

In Ladakh India’s problem is bigger than China

In Ladakh, India’s political and military leaders may decide that it is better to swallow the bitter pill of humiliation than to escalate matters with the 2020 version of Xi’s China.

History and the Pursuit of Ideals

We are witnessing the dialectical clash between the ideals in Trump’s America

The Balancing Act Of Crisis Budgeting

  • Dr Rafi
  • July, 2020
  • 286
  • Pakistan Economy
While elaborate figures will not fill an empty stomach, equitably sharing the economic burden can open many doors

A Difficult Budget

Both the prime minister and his adviser on finance have shunned proposals calling for even a slight increase in tax rates. They want to continue with the stimulus approach

Thoughts on the Budget 2020-21

  • Dr Kamal
  • July, 2020
  • 725
  • Budget (Mini) Bus
It is clear that with dwindling exports and falling home remittances, the real challenge in 2020-21 will come from the external account’s front

Rethinking Health Spending

  • M Farhan
  • July, 2020
  • 572
  • Special Report
Pakistan currently spends an abysmally low amount on its health

Post-Covid Pandemic

Is family planning on the government’s radar?

What We Know About The Economic Impact Of The Coronavirus And How That Should Guide Policy

There is a lot businesses, families, governments and economists who don’t know about the economic fallout from the spreading virus

Transcending World Order Regressions?

Nerfin apologetically notes that citizenship is at its roots a distinctively Western experience of societal participation in the shaping of collective life