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Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

22nd May 2020 was a may-day that none would have desired in an already crisis ridden year.

Pakistan and Azerbaijan: Deepening a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

  • By Shahid
  • June, 2020
  • 315
Azerbaijan and Pakistan share an enduring diplomatic relationship, though there are some challenges to the further development of relations.

Pakistan Discovers the High Cost of Chinese Investment

A new report sheds light on the true costs of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor for Pakistan.

How Effective Is Pakistan’s Newly Established National Commission for Minorities?

The new commission has serious limitations that it should recognize.

China’s COVID-19 Diplomacy Backfires in the Philippines

A music video ode to “friendly neighbors across the sea” can’t patch over growing discontent with China in the Philippines.

Post-Pandemic Central Asia: Moving Beyond ‘Helicopter Money’

Social and economic upheaval at such a scale as experienced amid the COVID-19 pandemic unavoidably entails political effects.

The US, China, and the Perils of Post-COVID Decoupling

Resorting to economic nationalism is the wrong lesson to take from the pandemic.

Where Are There Still No COVID-19 Cases? An Updated Analysis

The roster of apparently lucky (or lying) few has dwindled to about a dozen.

Pakistan Gets Unexpected Economic Relief in a Time of Global Crisis

Will Pakistan find some respite from the effects of COVID-19 outside its borders?

Killing of PTM Leader Further Antagonizes Pakistan Pashtun Rights Defenders

Sardar Arif Wazir was killed by armed men on May 1.

Can COVID-19 Draw Pakistan and Russia Closer Together?

In recent years, Russia and Pakistan have put aside some of their differences. The coronavirus could accelerate this reconciliation.

Gangster Geopolitics and Israel’s Annexation Plans

The Israeli plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank shows a shocking disregard for international law.

Corona Crisis and Eurobonds

The Calamity of Germany’s Distorted Perception of Italy.

The Crisis of the Liberal Zombie Order

Since the attacks of 9/11, progressives have endured a series of profound shocks - but coronavirus looks like a new and more disturbing portent.

U.S.-Russia Nuclear Arms Control 1949 - 2019

The nuclear arms race was one of the most alarming features of the Cold War superpower competition between the United States and Soviet Union.

The Story of Indian Democracy Written in Blood and Betrayal

BJP thinks it is going to Indianise Kashmir. Instead, we will see, potentially, the Kashmirisation of India.

Sugar and the Making of a Rentier Economy

Cleary, the fuel which runs our sugar mills is not competition. It is extraction.

The coronavirus slayer! How Kerala’s rock star health minister helped save it from Covid-19

KK Shailaja has been hailed as the reason a state of 35 million people has only lost four to the virus. Here’s how the former teacher did it.

Scofflaws at work

Are there better alternatives to devolution of power?

NFC: Maneuverings and Equity

The other side of the argument is that the resources allocated from the Federal Divisible Pool are not sufficient.

Relief & Rehabilitation

How do we make policies and we will need innovative policies to address vulnerability?

Of Strategic Depth

This is an old story and it always ends badly.

Nameless Girls

So-called honour killings are simply mercenary money killings, where women are reduced to a kind of stock.