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Reductio ad absurdum

A form of repudiation generally used in Philosophy and other arenas of inquiry is “Reductio ad absurdum” translated as “reducing to absurdity”.

No, Fazlur Rehman Cannot Protect Pakistanis’ Democratic Rights

  • Umair Jamal
  • Nov, 2020
  • 443
  • Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)
Opposition parties have tapped a right-wing Islamist as the leader of the Pakistan Democratic Movement. That raises serious questions

In a Rare Show of Power, Pakistan Opposition Elites Challenge the Generals

Political temperatures rise in Pakistan as the opposition takes on the military and Imran Khan headlong

Could Bangladesh and Pakistan Make Waves by Cooperating on Climate Change?

Cooperation around climate change could also pave way for normalization of relations between both countries

Pakistan’s Drug Habit is Endangering the Region

In the past, Pakistan’s clandestine services have used profits from drug trafficking to fund proxy groups in South Asia

Andrew Small on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s Return to the Shadows

“CPEC has been a chastening experience for China in the context of the BRI”

The False Promise of Regime Change

  • Philip H.
  • Nov, 2020
  • 271
  • US Foreign Relations
Why Washington keeps failing in the Middle East

Why Armenia and Azerbaijan are on the Brink of War

Local tensions meet global rivalries in Nagorno-Karabakh

A Foreign Policy for the Day After Trump

Reimagining-not restoring-the liberal international order

Climate Change Doesn’t Have to Stoke Conflict

Politics matter more than the environment when it comes to war and peace

The Basic Income Has Its Moment

  • Evelyn L.
  • Nov, 2020
  • 269
  • Unemployment Benefits
How the pandemic made a fringe idea go mainstream

Pakistan’s Full-Spectrum Deterrence: Trends and Trajectories

Pakistan’s deterrence strategy and force posture are starting to be geared towards a worst-case scenario that includes India’s strong military capabilities and support from the United States favoring India during a conflict

US-China rivalry and its impact on Pakistan

The present rivalry between the United States and China has serious global, regional and national ramifications. For Pakistan, the impact is even greater

Kashmir’s Future

The test for the Kashmiri leadership has begun

Decolonizing the United Nations Means Abolishing the Permanent Five

The inequalities of the past can’t set the rules of the present

Erdogan Is Turning Turkey Into a Chinese Client State

With few friends left in the West, Ankara is counting on Beijing for help

Harry Harding on the US, China, and a ‘Cold War 2.0’

“Calling it a second Cold War is misleading, but to deny that it’s a Cold War is also disingenuous”

An Old Regional Conflict, And Interested Neighbours

  • Mehr Gill
  • Nov, 2020
  • 284
  • Azerbaijan Vs Armenia
Military action claims 100 lives in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. What is the dispute, and how are other countries getting involved?

IPP ‘agreement’

The natural question to ask is what all needs to happen before we can get to an ‘agreement’

Afghan Peace Process

One critical issue remains the Taliban’s relationship with foreign militants in Afghanistan

Language of Instruction

The evidence is that children learn best in a language they understand well

Pakistan Remains in the UN Terror Financing Grey Zone

Pakistan has failed in letter and spirit to disrupt and dismantle terrorist financial infrastructure despite repeated warnings

Citizens of the World

How cosmopolitanism made Europe modern