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Can Pakistan and Bangladesh Be Friends?

Bangladeshi students wave Bangladesh’s national flag as they sit together after paying tribute to the soldiers, academics, writers, journalists and doctors who were killed during the war of independence against Pakistan on this day in 1971, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sunday, Dec. 14, 2008. The bands read: ‘December 16, victory day.’

Can PTI and PPP Cooperate in Karachi?

Karachi is in ruins and the likely cooperation between the PTI and PPP is not going to change anything

US Envoy Lauds Pakistan’s Role in Afghan Peace Talks Process

Washington’s peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad and a U.S. delegation visiting Pakistan praised its assistance

What Does the Controversial Anti-Money Laundering Bill Tell Us About Pakistani Politics?

Pakistan’s parliament rejected a major Anti-Money Laundering Bill, claiming the government had left out the opposition’s amendments

Touqir Hussain on Pakistan Foreign Policy Under Imran Khan

The Diplomat talks with Touqir Hussain on Imran Khan and his handling of Pakistan’s foreign policy thus far

The Project Twins - Which Past is Prologue?

Heeding the right warnings from history

Messiah Complex

How Brazil made Bolsonaro

An Answer to Aggression

  • Aaron L.
  • Oct, 2020
  • 250
  • Cino-US Politics
How to push back against Beijing

Coronavirus has Incurred an Apocalyptical View

This pandemic possess utter levity

Civil Rights International

The fight against racism has always been global

To Protect and to Serve

Global lessons in police reform

Bhagat Singh’s India in Ferment

The voracious reader evolved with new knowledge and newer experiences, and grew as a fearless partisan

Reporting Rape

Every step of the way, the system is a monster

The Crisis of a Lonely World

The world is more interconnected today than ever before and yet so atomised

Six-Track Kashmir Settlement

There are no risk-free or cost-free policy options for Pakistan on Kashmir

The Pillar of the State

The press has every right to witness and report trial proceedings

How to Make Trade Work for Workers

  • Robert E.
  • Oct, 2020
  • 160
  • US Trade Representative
Charting a path between protectionism and globalism

Asian boundaries

In 2020, neither India nor China is prepared for a compromise

Wailing Woman-kind

While the eastern civilization wailed over its decay near the Eastern by-pass of Lahore, the country seethed with rage as details surfaced of gang-rape of a woman. The apathetic and unnecessary remarks by the city’s police chief added fuel to the fire.