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Kashmir Internet Shutdown Continues, Despite Supreme Court Ruling

India has the potential to be a global leader in promoting democratic technology norms, but instead it leads the way with internet shutdowns

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan Reunifies with Uncertain Consequences

Two major splinter groups recently reunited with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. What that means for regional security remains unclear

Imran Khan’s Populism Clashes with Pakistan’s Economic Realities

All politicians have to adjust or tweak policies, but the rate at which Imran Khan makes U-turns is dizzying

How Pakistan’s Political Parties Spread Radicalism

Pakistan’s political parties have gone so far to appease the radical Islamist right that they have become indistinguishable from the radicals

Why Can’t Pakistan’s Opposition Parties Remove the Khan Government?

Opposition political parties in Pakistan cannot topple the current government unless they are ready to anger the country’s powerful military

The Pandemic and Political Order

It takes a state

The Endangered Asian Century: America, China and the Perils of Confrontation

Amid rising tensions between the two countries, the strategic choices that Washington and Beijing make will determine the future of Asia and shape the contours of the emerging global order

How to Make Trade Work for Workers

  • Robert E.
  • Sep, 2020
  • 330
  • US Trade Representative
Charting a path between protectionism and globalism

The Rise of Strategic Corruption

  • The KIPS
  • Sep, 2020
  • 321
  • Personal Interests
How states weaponize graft

YouTube Hatemongers are India’s New Stars

Misogynistic, nationalistic rants get creators rewards-and bans-on social media

Is Silicon Valley Nudging Us Towards An Authoritarian Future?

Margaret Heffernan’s new book “Uncharted” warns against giving up the power to shape our destiny to gurus and gadgets promising false certainty

Why International Financial Regulation Still Falls Short

Despite post-2008 regulations, the boom-bust credit cycle continues to run wild

Trouble on China’s Periphery: The Stability-Instability Paradox

Today’s Chinese nationalism is built on CCP loyalty and Han culture and identity - and thus leaves out a large number of China’s people

Is China’s Belt and Road Initiative Strategic? Perhaps Not.

Beijing’s BRI experience with Modi’s India shows a lack of feel for shifting sands

Where Does China’s ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Stand in 2020?

The framework for governing Hong Kong and Macau - and, Beijing hopes, one day Taiwan - is battered but unbroken

Perpetual Silence: Kashmir’s Economy Slumps Under Lockdown

“Our lockdown began way before the world was forced into isolation”

How Did Pakistan Flatten the Coronavirus Curve?

Despite ending its lockdown early, Pakistan managed to flatten the curve. But the country is still far from achieving herd immunity

Politics, Not Economics

The ideal educated and employed Pakistani woman is only a doll. She can say sentences that are expected of her in any given situation

The Abraham Accords

“Jerusalem is the navel of the world” declared Pope Urban II while delivering the Sermon of Clermont in 1095.