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  • Jan, 2021
  • 2321
  • The newborn world in 2021
Welcome to the newborn world in the year 2021!

Balochistan Separatists

  • Abhijnan Rej
  • Jan, 2021
  • 1547
  • Suspicious Death of Baloch Activist in Toronto Raises Uncomfortable Questions for Pakistan
Karima Mehrab was outspoken in her criticism of Pakistan’s powerful military

Pakistan Foreign Policy

  • Umair Jamal
  • Jan, 2021
  • 1981
  • Pakistan and Saudi Arabia: BFF No More
Bullied by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan is turning toward Iran, Malaysia, and Turkey instead

Hybrid War

  • Hassan Aslam
  • Jan, 2021
  • 1447
  • Indian Chronicles’ - a New War of Narratives Between India and Pakistan?
A new report highlighting India’s disinformation campaign against Pakistan could help rebuild Pakistan’s international image. However, that is a tall order

Intra-Afghan Talks

  • Kathy Gannon
  • Jan, 2021
  • 1065
  • Taliban Team in Pakistan as Calls Grow for Afghan Ceasefire
Violence remains high in Afghanistan as negotiators take a break. Talks are expected to resume in early January

PDM Protests 2020

  • Umair Jamal
  • Jan, 2021
  • 849
  • Pakistan Opposition Alliance Plan Against Khan and His Party Enters Crucial Phase
Brace for more of the same when it comes to Pakistan-US relations under Joe Biden

Risk Intelligence

  • Prachi Priya
  • Jan, 2021
  • 850
  • India’s Out of RCEP: What’s Next for the Country and Free Trade?
India’s foreign trade policy must be aligned to its self-reliance goals. But it also needs to work towards making domestic industries competitive

Cyber Security

  • Thisanka Siripala
  • Jan, 2021
  • 1040
  • Japanese Companies Fall Victim To Unprecedented Wave of Cyber Attacks
The growing invasion of cyberspace from hackers has left Japanese companies scrambling to strengthen cyber security efforts

China Power

  • Chutian Zhou
  • Jan, 2021
  • 960
  • How Will China Manage the Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery?
Interpreting Beijing’s 2020 Central Economic Work Conference offers hints of the path ahead

Neighbourhood Watch

  • Pervez Hoodbhoy
  • Jan, 2021
  • 832
  • Pakistan Has Damaged Its Universities Beyond Repair By Rewarding Professors With Phoney Achievements
Across the world, organisations ranking institutes have been exposed as inconsistent, changing metrics from year to year, and omitting critical information

International Relations

  • Aimen Babur
  • Jan, 2021
  • 1069
  • Why the Chinese Model of Governance Is Succeeding?
China’s global supremacy can be attributed to its model of governance. Chinese governance has been found to be sustainable in its management and administration

Nuclear Power

  • Shabbir H.
  • Jan, 2021
  • 948
  • Pakistan’s Energy Crisis
Energy shortages are hobbling the economy and contributing to unrest. But the country has options


  • Brandon Kochkodin
  • Jan, 2021
  • 948
  • Everything We’ve Learned About Modern Economic Theory Is Wrong
Ole Peters, a theoretical physicist in the U.K., claims to have the solution. All it would do is upend three centuries of economic thought

World Affairs

  • Tom O’Connor
  • Jan, 2021
  • 1155
  • Russia Calls Israel ‘the Problem’ in the Middle East, Defends Iran and Its Allies
A roadmap to finally solving Pakistan’s energy crisis through “energy productivity”

Legal Basis

  • Dr Muhammad
  • Jan, 2021
  • 824
  • Dead Spirit Of The Constitution
Constitutions are like operating manuals and a great guide in how to run a democratic system


  • Imran Jan
  • Jan, 2021
  • 1161
  • Who Causes Climate Change?
The truth is that our lifestyles must change if we are to seriously fight climate change

Finance and Economy

  • Shahid Javed
  • Jan, 2021
  • 870
  • Russia is back - but in a different way
Any analysis of Putin’s priorities should begin with his geopolitical interests

Point of View

  • Syed Mohammad
  • Jan, 2021
  • 799
  • Rethinking Extremism, Moderation, Modernity
Secularism does not necessarily provide a neutral ground for all religions

Israel Recognition

  • Umair Jamal
  • Jan, 2021
  • 945
  • Why Are Pakistani Leaders Revealing Their Secret Visits to Israel Now?
Pakistanis love to hate Israel, but their state has had some relations with the country for decades

Eurasian Movement

  • Leonid Savin
  • Jan, 2021
  • 875
  • Geopolitics of South Asia and Interests of Russia
Russia-Heartland is interested in integration processes, while Sea Power, represented by the United States, is interested in controlling the coastal zone


  • Zehra Vistro
  • Jan, 2021
  • 935
  • Kashmir: A Sad Tale Of Caged Birds
Simmering pain engulfs the nerves

Asia in 2021

  • Anthony Fensom
  • Jan, 2021
  • 937
  • New Year Resolutions for Asia’s Biggest Economies
Will China, Japan, and India get any relief in the Year of the Ox?

Jammu and Kashmir

While India and Pakistan argue and fight over the fate of Kashmir, is anyone listening to the Kashmiris?