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  • Dec, 2017
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Others from any minority should also opt for appearing in the CSS exams as there is merit based selection and there is no discrimination between the  candidates from minority and majority


Three best traits of my personality that ensured my success in CSS exam.

Unwavering faith in the Almighty


Hard work

My success philosophy in CSS is the combination of God’s blessings, prayers of my parents, determination and dedication towards my goal.

I scored well in:

Business Administration: 75

Environmental Science: 72

Comparative Study: 67


Our readers would like to know about your educational background.

I have done BBA and MBA in Human Resource Management from the University of Karachi.

What was your source of inspiration to appear in CSS?

The Civil Service itself was my biggest inspiration. The fact that I could be a representative of the people of Pakistan and do my part to improve public service delivery inspired me to go for CSS.

Please let us know about your optional subjects and what one should look for while selecting the optional subjects?

My optional subjects included Business Administration; Environmental Science; Sociology; Mercantile Law; and Economics. According to me, while opting for optional subjects one must keep in mind one’s educational background and experience. For instance, Business Administration, Environmental Sciences, Economics and Sociology were subjects for which I already had background knowledge. Also, CSS aspirants must go for the subjects that interest them.

How much did you score in your exam in total?

I scored 838 in total.

What was the strategy you followed for full-fledged preparation of competitive exam?

I first prepared for my optional subjects and later for the compulsory ones. I made notes and studied multiple books for each subject. Dedication is the key to a good preparation. 

How much time is required for CSS preparation in your point of view?

In my point of view, a period of 8 to 10 months is necessary for a full-fledged and comprehensive preparation for the exam. One full month must be dedicated only to the revision of all the subjects.

What would you like to recommend to the CSS candidates in the light of your experience regarding paper attempting techniques, preparation, and books that must be consulted besides other sources?

The answers should be crisp and to the point. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Back your answers by relevant information and logical reasoning.  Apart from the recommended books you can study any other book that you may have read on the topic earlier. The  internet is also a valuable source for gathering information on the subjects.

How do you see KIPS as an ultimate source of guidance for the CSS aspirants, and how did this platform benefit you?

I joined KIPS CSS especially for the Psychological Assessment and Viva Voce. KIPS provided great help and guidance as to how one should go about things and I scored well in my final interview.

How much did you work on English Essay and English General? Did you take service from KIPS-CSS English Help Desk?

I practised writing the Essay and timed myself to ensure I finished writing within the allotted time. Only practice can make one ace the paper of essay.

In which subject you scored the most and how did you prepare it?

I scored 75 in Business Administration. I prepared it via different books – one for each aspect of management (marketing; supply chain; HR etc).  Since I had prior knowledge on the subject that too helped me in this regard. I also scored well in Economics which is generally  taken as an unpopular subject in CSS.

Why did you cho...

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