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I would especially avail this opportunity to thank Dr Shahid Wazir, the director of KIPS CSS, who has been a very committed mentor throughout my CSS journey.


Three best traits of my personality that ensured my success in CSS exam.   






My success philosophy in CSS is the combination of SMART WORK +PERSISTENCE + BELIEF


Our readers would like to know about your educational background.

I am an MBBS doctor. After completing my house job, I started my preparation for CSS and simultaneously commenced my FCPS(specialization) in the field of Gynae/Obs.

What was your source of inspiration to appear in CSS?

I always inspired to join Civil Services because it helps one to become part of policy making of the state. No other service can broaden the horizon like bureaucracy.

Please let us know about your optional subjects and what one should look for while selecting the optional subjects?

I opted for International Relations, International Law, Public administration, Geography and Forestry Agriculture. The selection of optionals is the bedrock of success in CSS Exams. One  wrong subject can alter the ratio your marks and the probability of getting the desired cadre Subject  selection should be an amalgam of one's educational background and interest.

How much did you score in your written exam as well as in your interview?

My written score was 705 while I got 188 in my interview.

What was the strategy you followed for full fledge preparation of competitive exam?

I followed a blend of hard work and smart work. As I was proceeding with my specialization simultaneously, so I used to have a very tight schedule. Planning deadlines and following them helped me to aim high and do well Alhumdulilah.

How much time is required for CSS preparation in your point of view?

I think it varies from person to person. But I took 8 months to complete my preparation

What would you like to recommend the CSS candidates in the light of your experience regarding paper attempting techniques, preparation, and books that must be consulted besides other sources?

I recommend the CSS aspirants to follow a smart strategy by acknowledging their strong points and identifying their weaknesses as well. They should then focus more on their grey areas and follow the standard books for all the subjects. Going for shortcuts is a wrong idea. In this exam, a person is judged by his/her stance and by imitating others, an aspirants loses his/her credibility.

How do you see KIPS as an ultimate source of guidance for the CSS aspirants, and how did this platform benefit you?

I joined Kips for my preparation. I could not attend the complete session because of my hectic hospital schedule but whenever I attended KIPS classes, it always added to my passion and knowledge. The KIPS faculty is very encouraging and the put their maximum to boost up their students, also the way they own their students is remarkable. I would especially avail this opportunity to thank Dr Shahid Wazir, the director of KIPS CSS, who has been a very committed mentor throughout my CSS journey.

How much did you work on English Essay and English General? Did you take service from KIPS-CSS English Help Desk?

English essay and Precis are the two most important subjects for CSS exam, I worked my way through both by doing lot of assignments and getting them checked from KIPS English faculty in my opinion, practice and reading more and more improves one's expression and helps in articulation.

In which subject you scored the most and how did you prepare it?

I scored the most in Islamiat and General Science and Knowledge paper. For Isalmiat, Sir Akhtar of KIPS really helped me. I prepared my own notes by consulting different books and those notes helped me to revise the course easily in the end.

Why did you choose the Police service?

I had a passion for Police Service Of  Pakistan. Though I faced a lot of discouragement as Police is mainly male dominated and our society is quite stereotypical and patriarchal but due to my consistent hard work and my parents prayers, I got what I desired for Alhumdulilah.

Is it luck or hard wor...

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