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  • Muhammad Azam Khan
  • Nov, 2017
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  • International

The greatest beneficiary of Trump's egomania is Modi government in India. Washington is in full drive pampering and encouraging India against China and Pakistan “Trump is a chaos candidate”—Jeb Bush, Candidate for U.S. Presidential race 2016

Although Jeb Bush lost in the U.S election primaries, his above quoted prediction onDonald J. Trump has proved more than accurate. Since taking over, Trump has demonstrated to be one of the most inconsistent, incoherent and impulsive presidents to have ever occupied the Oval Office, at least in modern American history. He is not even a shadow of decency or erudite values his predecessor exuded so abundantly. Trump’s authoritarian style of governance, poor grasp of foreign policy and flip-flopping on issues is compounded only by the bizarre policy tweets he obsessively makes so often. Trump does not hesitate to tweet even on most crucial, delicate or controversial international matters. North Korea and Iran nuclear agreement are two recent cases in point. His ill-considered move of decertifying P5+1 agreement has simultaneously opened two nuclear fronts; with Pyongyang on one side and Tehran on the other. It has also caused upheaval in Europe while sending a message to the world that U.S cannot be trusted. Earlier, Trump’s refusal to ratify article 5 of NATO charter which requires allies to come to the aid of an ally under attack distanced U.S from its allies in Europe. Russia is likely to capitalize on this move. Trump also wants to rescind Paris agreement on climate change.His empty outbursts on China have meanwhile continued unabated since elections.

Although few capitals abroad now take him seriously, Trump has caused enough chaos both, inside and outside the United States in an already troubled world. He remains obdurate though and apparently determined to leave a blundering legacy, perhaps much worse than George Bush whose rapacious invasion of Iraq continues to bleed Middle East to this day.

The greatest beneficiary of Trump’s egomania is Modi government in India. Washington is in full drive pampering and encouraging India against China and Pakistan. Parroting old narrative of pinning blame on Pakistan for instability in Afghanistan, assigning more role to India in Kabul, fuelling anti CPEC sentiments, stirring up India’s fulminations against security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal etc. have all been high on Trump administration’s agenda.

Taking due advantage, India’s emboldened politico-military leadership is vociferously sabre-rattling. In recent times, threats like blocking the flow of rivers assigned to Pakistan under Indus Water Treaty, cross border “surgical strikes”, ready for two front war,for example, have been hurled at Pakistan and China. The signing of LEMOA, (Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement) between Washington and New Delhi has meanwhile reinforced navies of the two sides. A strategic arrangement, LEMOA offers Indian bases to the U.S navy for fuelling and repair and other facilities. It will greatly improve flexibility of United States navy to operate in the Indian Ocean and western Pacific. Fearful of PLA navy making inroads into the western Indian Ocean and becoming exceedingly assertive in South China Sea, LEMOA will serve as mutually beneficial arrangement for the navies of both countries in the all-important region clubbed as Indo-Pacific.

It is an open secret that United States has contingency plans to de-nuclearize Pakistan in the event of an internal collapse. But more alarming are the recent reports of United States and India now jointly working towards such a goal. If true, nothing could be more injudicious. To say the least, this is an extraordinarily high-risk proposition. The manner in which Kim Jong-Un of North Korea has checkmated Trump and his administration both, diplomatically as well as forestalling any possible military misadventure underpins one unpleasant truth. It’s the nuclear weapons and their demonstrated capability that saves the little Rocket man and his country from becoming Saddam and Iraq of northeast Asia.

For Pakistan ensuring nuclear safety is critical to national security. The measures to ensure impregnable security and safety of nuclear assets have continued to be strengthened in line with developing challenges since 1998. It is to be noted that in addition to hierarchical structure of command and control, a comprehensive regulatory regime encompassing physical protection of nuclear arsenal including attendant materials and facilities is also in place.

Despite all this, Trump administration, several think tanks in U.S and pro- Indian lobby in Washington are working overtime to advance the narrative that nuclear assets in Pakistan are not safe. U.S. is already believed to have considerable inte...

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