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  • Nov, 2017
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At a time when the whole nation is engaged in different political and non-political debates, the daughter of the Eve is at the receiving end. The daily newspapers are prolific of harassment reports and stories. One such we find in the case of our women hockey team where Syeda Sadia accused coach Saeed Khan for sexual harassment. Mr. Saeed denies harassment allegations while Syeda Sadia insists. It is hard to see through the accusation and denial for a common man. Interestingly, Pakistan squad has left for Brunei without the accuser but with the accused. Interestingly, Iqra Javed, another hockey player who supported Syeda Sadia and dropped from the team resultantly under the charges of indiscipline. It has been observed time and again that harassment stories surface the media and fade away from our memories with the passage of time. It is all due to the flexible grip of law which leads to lose morals in the society.

Jameel ud Din Sehbai Karachi


The nation should congratulate Pakistan Army team that has recently got gold medal in Exercise Cambrian Patrol competition held in United Kingdom. According to the statement released by InterServices Public Relations (ISPR), this is the second successive medal Pakistan has won in the yearly exercise, while procuring four medals in total. It is reported that army teams not less than 131 from across the world participated in the event known as one of the toughest patrolling tests for military personnel. The Cambrian Patrol makes its participating units cover an 80-kilometre course in less than 48 hours while per forming numerous types of military exercises placed throughout the rugged Cambrian Mountains and mid-Wales. The aim of The Cambrian Patrol is to provide a challenging patrols exercise in order to enhance operational capability.

Aleema Durrani Gujranwala


Pakistan is at the crossroad. It is cliché but true to the core. A certain political group in a party is pointing finger at the security forces for their plight. Despite the fact, the August Court has issued verdict against them, they claim to be innocent and desire a clean chit from anywhere. As a matter of fact, they are accustomed to seek relief from the courts by hook or crook, the past history witnesses. This time they assumed once again that they would be treated specially. It did not so happen and under disappointment they suspected behind the scene forces and started beating about the bush. Pakistan's security forces are already engaged in a multipronged war against terrorists and their facilitators. At this time, leveling accusation against the security forces will not help matters.

Raheel Khattak Mardan.


In the recent day, different people have different opinion about the developments in Pak-US relations. For some the relations have come from bad to worse and there is no chance of improvement once again. They argue that the relations have seen better days. There is no shortage of the people who are credulous about the revival of good relations between the two countries in near future. In fact the relations between the two countries have been hanging in balance since a decade. There are opinions and opinions but nobody is sure what is in store in this regard. Pakistan has started mending fences; the USA has too shown warmness upon recovery of one Canadian American family by Pakistan Army. However, the recent statement of US representative in UNO about asking India to keep an eye on Pakistan suffices to harm the mending fences effort.

Jamal Tirmizi Quetta

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