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  • Hassan Nisar
  • Nov, 2017
  • 492
  • Column

I have never seen more apathetic, cruel, obdurate and conscienceless people than the ruling elite

It is a sad fact that non-Muslims are tyrannizing the Rohingya Muslims. Would you like to know who are targeting Pakistani Muslims and minorities? Pakistanis are being dragged on embers incessantly. Last month, the cost of electricity was increased by Rs 3.90 per unit. In the same way, the prices of different petroleum products were increased from Rs. 2.00 to 4.00 per liter. This unwanted increase reminds me innovative methods of Gestapo, a notorious Nazi Germany service. Pakistani rulers are also innovators of torture techniques which they have been applying the masses for decades. The whole society has been turned into a torture cell by applying social, structural and economic changes. The affluence people are indifferent to the wretched ones.

Their hearts have been turned wastelands where sympathy, kindness, equality, compassion and the ilk cannot be cultivated. The height of callousness in society can be judged from the single fact that even intellectuals return from developed countries with filled shopping bags. Few among them compare progress being made ‘here’ and there. No doubt it is point to ponder what preferences they have and what the pride on our performance here is. Last month, Ayesha Bukhsh made a question in ‘Report Card’ about cost of protocol on national exchequer. In reply, my focus was certainly not the wastage of national exchequer. 

I laid all the emphasis upon the so-called protocol’s negative impact on the collective behavior of the masses. Collective behavior undergoes a change called distortion. I mean to say that your preferences represent your attitude towards life. The people from upper strata have nothing to do with the poor or the people living below poverty line. I have never seen more apathetic, cruel, obdurate and conscienceless people than the ruling elite. Most of them share commonality in their past and political DNA. The direct effects of poverty are horrific but the ‘side effects and after effects’ of the poverty are severe, which are transferred from generation to generation.

The merciless, unfair, illegitimate and wrong distribution of national resources makes the society hollow. The people who find nothing to fulfill their basic needs slither gradually from humanity, self respect and so on. They cultivate flattery, unconditional obedience, slackness, excuses, untruth, dirtiness and obstinacy in themselves to cope with the situation every day. On the other hand, the accumulation of wealth brings about arrogance, slackness, conspiracy, lasciviousness and so on. In short, shortage of wealth is as destructive as accumulation of wealth in the society. For Tolstoy, death of all the rich, princes, kings, Lords, Feudal and prosperous people will not affect the pace of the system while the death of farmers, laborers, skillful workers, Cooks, waiters, watchmen would turn the world into a hell. Here I would like to clarify that I am well aware about the equality concept among humans.

It is my firm belief that the humans are not equal nor they can be since the Creator has not made them equal. Kathryn Seifert Ph.D. says that the belief that everyone is created equal and that we all have the same chance to succeed in life is fundamentally flawed. The truth is that we are not all created equal in our ability to achieve success. Every person has a unique set of strengths, which can aid in achieving the success they desire. Conversely, each person also has their own unique set of challenges that inhibit them in achieving such success. We are meant to share our strengths with those close to us and resolve the challenges we face together. For me, humans are equal in provision of basic needs. They all need oxygen to breathe, water to appease thirst, food to pacify appetite, residence to live, education for children, medical facilities for the patients and the justice in case of transgression by the mighty or the meek. Unfortunately majority of our people is unaware that the dearness hangs heavy for them as per their per capita income. They have to fight for their survival on daily basis. This condition is worse than the atrocities done by Tartars and Nazis. Only a righteous mind of a dignified ruler can understand the importance of balance between the different classes of society.


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