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Muhammad Usman Tipu: The Women’s Strength In PSP Is Increasing In Every Upcoming Batch

  • KIPS Bureau
  • Dec, 2018
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‘The women’s strength in PSP is increasing in every upcoming batch, and I do not see any challenge for them to perform well’

Our law man has been busy, even by his standards. After passing his CSS exam in 2014 by scoring 680 in the written paper and 185 in interview, he joined the Police Service and helped inspire more students to join the force. The young officer, too, has an advice for the CSS candidates: 'sheer discipline and hard work'. He spoke with the KIPS Bureau

Let's talk about your education background, shall we? Yes, by all means. Well, I'm bachelor of electrical engineering from Lahore's University of Engineering and Technology.

You're now working, but what was your source of inspiration to sit for the CSS exams? I guess I just wanted to make my parents feel proud.

You did have optional subjects. But I'm quite certain you do agree it's not that simple to just pick some subjects from too many. Perhaps, you could tell us what one should look for while choosing them, and by the way, what about your own optional subjects? Let me answer the second part of your question. My optional subjects were physics, applied mathematics and Arabic. As for your first part, I do encourage candidates to opt for those subjects which they have studied already or found interest in them.

I've got a gut feeling that you did have high scores in your written and interview papers. Is it true? (Mr. Tipu smiles) Yes. Your 'gut feeling' is correct: I scored 680 in the written paper and 185 in interview.

I was once told — by a few candidates — that going through past papers saved their skins, but in recent years it appears it's more than just about these 'past papers'. How much of this is about a proper strategy to go about it? That's a really interesting historical view. Yes. I personally prepared for the exams by strictly following the syllabus after scrutinising the papers. That had dramatic repercussions on my ability to confront a whole range of challenges.

Well, in my opinion, no student should just sit for the exams for the sake of the exams. In a nutshell, one ought to have a clear-cut strategy. Did you have such a strategy to ready yourself for attempting the English General paper? Yes. Of course, I did. I gave equal attention to each paper.

How much time did you spend on preparation then? Oh, around eight months – I guess that's quite sufficient.

This particular campus has been around for quite some time. In your own eyes, how do see KIPS as an ultimate source of guidance for the current candidates, and how did it benefit you? KIPS is quite good at couching its candidates and it has been a great help for those who wish to get important insights into the exams.

English has always been a nerve-racking subject for most of the candidates. I'm not quite sure if that was the same case with you, but how much did you work, let's say, on English Essay alone? True, indeed … That's an interesting question. Apart from gathering knowledge and building opinions on a string of social issues, I too worked on how to expand a topic from various dimensions while sticking with the theme of the topic.

Well, I'm not going to ask your score in English, but certainly I'm going to ask you in what subject did you score most? (Mr. Tipu gives a faint smile) They were General Science and Ability and Physics.

Is it just a streak of good luck or hard work that ultimately pays off? It's just 'hard work'.

We talked about KIPS but not our magazine. What role can Global Age play in ensuring good CSS results? Is it because you yourself are part of the mag? (Laughter follows.) Well, Global Age can help develop one with impartial opinions on several key social issues. In short, it does help one gain insight into these issues.

We both know about how tough it is for women working as police officers facing a string challenges. Some officers often say they don't want to be doing everything and wish they were turned to less. Have you been told that? And my second question is: do you foresee any challenges for them? Yes, precisely. But it is indeed quite a challenge here in our society. I guess it's almost the same as other societies too … Generally speaking, the strength of women in PSP is increasing in every upcoming batch and I do not see or foresee any challenge for them to perform well while in uniform.

And as a hard-working police officer, your thoughts could be a source of inspiration for many who opt for CSS. What would be your advice to such aspirants? I say: give one year of your life for CSS and this one year should keep paying you back for the rest of your life. In a nutshell: squeeze your social l...

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