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CSS 2018 outline of ENGLISH ESSAY

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  • Jan, 2018
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1.1)Muslim world comprises all Muslims - one fifth of the humanity whether in Muslim majority countries or societies where Islam is practiced.

1.2) Interconnected set of challenges prevalent in the political, social and economic sectors of the Muslim world

2. Challenges faced by Muslim World.

2.1) Overview of the internal challenges being faced by Muslim World

i)                 Political situation

a) Dictatorship as a political system like in Saudi Arabia leading to lack of political transparency, corruption and wars such as in Syria and Yemen

b) Power struggle among the powerful Muslim states and the rise of political Islam leading to regional division and sectarianism; efforts of Saudi Arabia to destroy the Lebanese government for including Shia leaders in the cabinet

c) Extremism associated with terrorism - far away from the true followings of Islamic teaching

ii) Economic situation

a) Economic backwardness despite being rich in energy resources representing only 5 percent of the world GNP

b) Economic impacts on the Muslim countries of political instability and terrorism such as attack on the Afghan Army base in April 2017

c) Under debt of the rich western countries except a few rich Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia

d) Globalization - increasing investment and flow of capital in the Western world from the Muslim world

iii)             Social and Cultural situation

a) A problem of illiteracy in the majority of Muslim countries giving rise to the extremist ideologies, terrorism and leading to lack of  technological development

b) Rise in Islamophobia while associating Islam with terror and brutality

c) Gender based issues in the Muslim world

d) Domination of western norms promoting culture of western style liberty

2.2) Overview of the external challenges being faced by Muslim World

i) Scenes of external aggression in the form of destruction and extreme violence of human rights; atrocities faced by Kashmiris at the hand of Indian Security forces; massive killing of Muslim monitories in Myanmar.

ii) External manipulation of Muslim minds led to the civil wars

a) Conflicts in Syria and Yemen, the political violence and repression under Al-Sisi's government

iii) War crimes in Syria such as use of chemical weapons in Syria and Indian occupied Kashmir; Trump declared Jerusalem as Israel's Capital.

3. What are the reasons behind this situation?

3.1) Losing the fundamentals of Quran and Sunnah, and the basic principles of Islam

3.2) Disunity and lack of cooperation as the Muslims are divided into segments on the basis of their beliefs

3.3) Lack of realistic solution to the problems by over glorifying the past

4. Prospects concerning the issues of the Muslim world

4.1) Prospects with favorable possibilities

i) Reduction in corruption as evident from the recent evidences of Panama case verdict and Saudi fight against corruption, 11 princes arrested

ii) Muslim control over majority of natural resources that can be exploited well for the poverty alleviation; OPEC - major oil controlling organization - controlled by the Gulf countries

iii) Liberation of media as the Muslim powers incorporating the democratic principles in their political systems

iv) Abatement of gender disparity; discharged right of driving to women in Saudi Arabia

4.2)Prospects with adverse possibilities

i) Increase in the disunity and sectarianism among Muslim countries as four Muslim countries severed ties with Qatar

ii) Increasing radicalization and terrorism - ISIL attacks on the Syrian civilians

iii) Absence of central authority as OIC remained unsuccessful to resolve the issues of Muslim Ummah

a) Plight of Rohingya Muslims facing the massacre - 400 killed in two weeks amid the recent crisis of 2017 (as reported by the Myanmar government)

b) The Trump administration recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December 2017 - its protection wa...

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