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Environmental pollution has existed for centuries, it occurs when natural environment is contaminated by the elements that are not produced naturally.

Pollution takes place when nature does not know how to decompose an element and damages all aspects of environment. It has many types among them fundamental ones are air, water, soil, noise and light pollution


Pollution must be taken seriously as it has negative effects on essential elements without which survival of all living things is not possible

Stop smoking

Use unleaded gasoline

Maintain cars properly to avoid smoke emissions

Reduce the usage of cars by engaging in pool driving

Conserve energy by spreading awareness


On Plants:

Can be destroyed by acid rain containing harmful amounts of nitric acid. Its example is the damage of Massachusetts soils leading to damage of wildlife

Degrades earth surface

Breaches in the ozone layer

On waters:

Introduces toxins to the rivers

Impacts air quality

On human health:

Gets into human organs especially lungs

Causes cancer


Of soil pollution:

Hazardous waste i.e. chemicals from industries

Non-sustainable farming practices

Strip mining

Household dumping

Of air pollution:

Vehicle exhaust

Forest fires

Construction activities

Of water pollution

Increased sediments

Improper waste disposal

Leaching of soil pollution


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