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3RD POSTION CSS-2016 Pakistan Administrative Service

Three best traits of my personality that ensured my success in CSS exam.

1) Consistency

2) Smart Work

3) Faith

My success philosophy in CSS is the combination of Smart Work, Proper Guidance  and Consistency.

G.A. Our readers would like to know about your educational background.

Ans:I have done B.Sc. (Electrical Engg.) from UET, Lahore.

G.A What was your source of inspiration to appear in CSS?

Ans:It was my father’s keen desire to see me utilising my mental faculties for the service of our compatriots.

G.A Please let us know about your optional subjects and what one must keep in mind while selecting the optional subjects?

Ans: My optional subjects were Political Science, Public Administration, Gender Studies, Constitutional Law and Punjabi. While selecting subjects, one should be rational and must look for his/her areas of interest and proficiency in those particular subjects. Besides, the scope of subjects should also be kept in mind.

G.A How much did you score in your written exam and interview?

Ans: I scored 772 in written while 193 in interview.

G.A What was the strategy you followed for full fledged preparation?

Ans: I went through the syllabus and past papers in detail and pointed out the important areas to focus them. Secondly, I chose quality books and the internet articles while preparing important topics by 360 degrees.

G.A How much time is required for CSS preparation?

Ans: A beginner can score well if he/she prepares for 6 to 8 months. One must develop proficiency in writing English.

G.A. How much did you work on English Essay and English General?

Ans: It is advised to never leave English papers for the last moment. Students should give some time to English everyday and should write at least one page on daily basis in order to develop their writing skills.

G.A. In which subject you scored the most and what was the strategy?

Ans: My highest score was in Punjabi.  One must learn at heart at least 8 to10 couplets of each poet. Secondly, listening to Punjabi Sufi and folk songs will help you in learning the poetry. It will develop an understanding of the underlying message of the Punjabi poetry.

G.A. Why did you choose Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS)?

Ans:  In PAS one gets a lot of opportunities to move in different parts of the country and to interact with people at the grass root level. While at the same time you are in contact with higher authorities.

G.A. Is it luck or hard work that ultimately pays off?

Ans: Stephen Hawking said,  “I’m a great believer of luck. The harder I work, the more I get of it”.

G.A. What are the challenges for females in this service that you are in?

Ans: For women it is always challenging to balance their family lives and professional lives. In my opinion they should act bravely and never make their family engagements as an excuse.

G.A. Your success can be a source of inspiration for CSS students. What would be your advice to such aspirants?

Ans: Candidates should be geared up for public service as it would keep them motivated in the long run. It is important to remain consistent and what is humanly possible in a smart way.

G.A. Is there any suggestion for the students who appearing this year in the exam? How can they utilise their time fruitfully?

Ans: They should manage their time and spend it productively. Secondly, they must develop their own opinion on all important issues.

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