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  • Jan, 2018
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For a pessimist, there are strong reasons to be worried as far as latest developments in our world are concerned. For an optimist, on the other hand, the reasons to rejoice are even more. The year 2018 opened with US defeat in United Nations General Assembly on the issue of shifting its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in Israel despite the fact that USA has not yet surrendered its status of sole Super Power in an apparent uni-polar world. Prior to General Assembly resolution, the Security Council’s 14-members (both permanent and non-permanent) had voted against the USA’s decision. The latter had to use its veto privilege to ward off the international pressure.

For the first time, USA as a Super Power appeared on the world stage in 1919, after First World War. At that time, USA under President Woodrow Wilson was able to dictate its policy to the world but it refrained from doing so due to US citizens’ typical indifference from the world affairs. During the intervening period of First World War and Second World War, the affaires des nations went from bad to worse and the Second World War began when the major powers of the world could not maintain peace. Like First World War, the United States entered into war arena and helped defeat the axis powers.  After the Second World War, the United States deemed it fit to fill the power vacuum in the globe.

The world, throughout history, has passed through different phases such as multi-polar and bi-polar but became uni-polar when Roman Empire defeated all its rivals. The Empire had no single country as its counter part in the world. In modern history, the era of multi-polarity spanned from 1815 to 1945. After the Second World War, Cold War between USA and USSR began in 1945 and ended in 1989 with the disintegration of the latter. In this way, USA got the sole Super Power status and a new World Order was proclaimed to be emerged. It was presumed that the world has been shifted from bi-polar to uni-polar.

The United States of America looked the world with uni-lateral approach and asked different countries to fulfill its demands even at the cost of their will. It irked the countries whose interests were in contradictions with the USA. Thus the clash of interests led to conflicts of interests between the states in a uni-polar world. Different countries adopted different approaches under such circumstances. Some followed the ‘advice,‘ while the others found themselves round peg in square hole. The current US policy is a typical example of a saying, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  A sense of unrest and insecurity among the states and need for a parallel system instead of uni-polarity became a moot.

Today, neither a single country can challenge the supremacy of USA in international arena nor can divest USA of its status of sole Super Power until USA itself gives in. Present day world can be cited as the best example of divide-and-rule. If the ruling people in USA take wise decision, they would continue ruling the world. If they go otherwise, then, they will start losing their political hegemony despite their human and natural resources. A united European Union could provide alternative leadership to the West and the rest of the world. However, Brexit strengthened the US grip on the world. Now China and Russia’s joint and active role in international politics offer an umbrella to the ‘aggrieved nations’ in rainy days.

A peaceful and united world is in the interest of the USA leadership. A warring and divided world may lead to chaos and division. A sensitive issue like shifting of embassy to Jerusalem would damage US interests in the Muslim countries, in particular. During the Cold War, USA played its cards tactfully and did not allow a two-pronged war to become a World War. It would not be wrong to say, had Woodrow Wilson started leading the world in 1919, Second World War would not have taken place, at all. After World War II, USA entered into international politics and handled the international affairs wisely. US made sure that no national flame becomes international inferno. A world sans US leadership is unimaginable and can lead to multi-polarity in the way it was in the 19th century when  all the Powers were in conflict with others under the pretext of one or another.


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