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Letters To The Editor

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  • Jan, 2018
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The USA under Trump is losing moral and political grounds before the other superpowers due to its leadership.  The new administration has touched everysensitive issue and has brought the situation from bad to worse. On 22 December 2017, US Vice President Mike Pence made a surprise visit to Afghanistan and harped on same tone by alleging Pakistan for providing safe havens to terrorists. He said that  President Donald Trump has now "put Pakistan on notice." According to the experts, this is the harshest statement issued by US government since the beginning of the Afghan war. He made statement while addressing the US troops at the Bagram airfield. Pakistan’s response was loud and clear: "Allies do not put each other on notice." The Foreign Office found Mr. Pence's irresponsible remarks at variance with the extensive conversations between Pakistan and the US administration. Such US statements would not help matters. The US administration knows very well they cannot expect better results in Afghanistan without the support of Pakistan.

Jamil Mirza



Normal life has returned in Swat valley and its evidence is that you see security personnel on every check post instead of black clad TTP people. Thanks to Pak Army which drove away the terrorists from the valley; however, security is still the main concern. The military presence in the valley is common phenomenon. Police and armed forces personnel are jointly posted at several checkpoints in Swat. It is said that 6,000 policemen are posted in Swat and most of them are deployed on checkposts. Peace has returned but not the prosperity in the valley. During the Taliban rule and the subsequent Operation Rah-i-Rast, the social and business life suffered a lot. It needs to pay heed to the issue.

Nasreen Ghauri



Revival of sports and cinemas is the key to success. Sports engage youth in healthy activities while cinema is a great source of promoting art and culture in society. Not long ago we were champion in wrestling, cricket, hockey, squash and snooker. New generation which was born after 1990 is not familiar with the real image of Pakistan founded by Quaid-e-Azam. In the same way. We have lost our film industry due to reasons more than one. In an age of propaganda, we need revival of cinema without further delay since it is the way to counter propaganda from across the border. Recently, Pakistan film industry has produced some really world class movies and it proves that we are still creative in this domain. They government should take necessary measures over this matter.

Ali Ashgar



Pakistan is the country where you can expect a good future for democracy. However,you cannot explain things in black and white here. At a time when government has failed to deliver on many fronts and Speaker National Assembly apprehends democracy in danger; the Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Qamar Javed  Bajwa has come forward. He visited parliament at the invitation of the Senate and delivered a multi-hour, wide-ranging briefing accompanied by the DG ISI, DG MI and DGMO. It was a welcome visit in Senate and has been appreciated by everyone in the country. It is clear that the military respects the constitutional order and it intends to develop inter-institutional cooperation. This is a healthy sign and has far reaching effects on the future of Pakistan.

Tariq Rasheed Mian


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