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The Chronicles of Accountability

  • Hassan Nisar
  • Jan, 2018
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Or the ruling people intend to release the masses’ anger by staging a fake accountability process so that the act of plundering of the national resources may be extended for some more years

21 years ago, I wrote my column titled Ehetsab ka Hisab Kitab (The Chronicles of Accountability). I was bowled over to survey my said column since it contains a glimpse of future. I would love to share my experience with my readers here.

“If somebody asks a question: What is the panacea of all ills in the country? I would respond by mentioning the following three points:

1.Popularize the justice

2.Ensure the accountability, fair and open.

3.Participation of the people in government.

As far as the philosophy of the points is concerned, we shall discuss it later. We would limit our discussion to the Chronicles of Accountability alone since the word ‘accountability’ is order of the day instead of accountability itself. From President to Opposition leader, all appear to be committed on accountability matters. The resistance from Mohatarma seems to be diminishing with the passage of time. The questions arise:

Is season of accountability about to set in?

Will there really be genuine and across- the-board accountability?

Will its circumference extend to the bureaucrats and industrialists or will it be hijacked once again?

Or the ruling people intend to release public anger by staging a fake accountability process so that the act of plundering of the national resources may be extended for some more years.

There are a lot of apprehensions and questions in this regard. However, I would like to touch some while leave the rest on the wisdom of my thinking readers. I believe the day of the real as well as genuine accountability is at hand; several individuals and families will leave the country for their abodes in abroad. This segment of society is well aware and well connected to the extent you can imagine. At this time, even the corrupt people are raising their voice for accountability. That’s the reason; I am suspicious of the whole process of accountability. Here I would like make it clear that I don’t claim to be wise.  However I am sure that things reveal upon the hearts too. I trust in my sixth sense more than ‘sensitive institution’ or any other sense. Thank God, my sixth sense has never disappointed me. I have stumbled several times in my life due to my paucity of knowledge but my inner has never cheated me. My inner says that no such thing called accountability is going to take place. All these arrangements in the name of accountability are just to release the anger of the people. They want to defuse the public anger. I prayed that my inner might have told a lie this time. However, I observe the certified corrupt people are raising their voice for accountability. At this, my inner speaks that it is all moonshine. I am forced to share my muttering, my inner with the poor masses so that they may escape from the hoax this time at least. Another apprehension is about the ‘hijacking’ of the whole process of accountability. Our country was hijacked right after the freedom by a wicked and an immoral minority (the ruling class). They made hostage the whole nation time and again through nude dictatorship or clad in the garb of democracy. Can’t the same vicious and tricky minority lead the whole process off-course? They can of course torpedo the act.

These were my apprehensions and possibilities of the future. There are some signs of optimism which I visualize from judiciary to the President House. A definition of corruption from judiciary made me beside with myself. The other day, a learned judge said, “The inefficiency as well as incompetence is also a kind of corruption”. I agree corruption is not limited to finance alone. It can be of different kinds.

The President wrote to State Bank for elimination of corruption. The State Bank was quick to issue directions to all the banks to inform back the names and details of the people who have got their loans waived off during the period from 1993 to 1997. Hopefully the demand of record will be the precursor to formation of Accountability Cell for across the board accountability. We hope commission will start an unbiased and unstoppable accountability process against all the corrupt political, administrative and financial elements. The process should not be limited to single direction or against a specific section. The loan-taking mafia is not alone in plundering the national assets. The commission agents and bribery takers left no stone unturned in hollowing out the foundations of this country. Inflation is also an offshoot of corruption. The load of foreign loans is a...

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