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  • Sep, 2018
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At a time when Imran Khan is in and Nawaz backed government is out, the nation is still oscillating between hope and fear as far as the question of good governance is concerned. The high expectations of the masses from the present government have attached the responsibility to the latter to deliver without delay. Crushed under the weight of ‘historical mistakes,’ the nation is losing patience with every passing moment. They want to witness the change they have been promised.

The country’s economic and social ills are rooted in history and cannot be removed forthwith. However, the act of giving the direction to a misdirected nation can bear fruit. Furthermore, good governance is a dream yet to be translated into reality. Good governance is a key to win the heart and minds of the nation. At this time, good governance is needed at all levels. The presence of colossal corruption, institutional clashes, constitutional crisis, lack of accountability, poor law and order conditions, is sufficient evidence of poor governance in the country. The government should formulate effective measures to solve this massive issue. Lack of accountability, improper use of funds, is increasing the rate of inflation. The country is under debt crises, primarily due to the absence of accountability. Corruption can easily be dealt with proper channel of accountability and thorough check and balance of the funds. To top it all, declining law and order situation of Pakistan has created a sense of fear and insecurity. Good governance totally revolves around legitimacy, responsibility, rule of law and transparent administrative system, whereas bad governance indicates a propensity towards arbitrary policymaking as opposed to the rule of law. Bad governance breeds an unfair legal system and poisons relations between the government and the people.

The ideals of good governance can only be achieved through public participation, national consistency, national integration, constitutional supremacy, institutional supremacy, strong foundation, independent judiciary, media independence and socioeconomic development. It would not be wrong to say that democracy and good governance are interconnected. In the absence of one the other is bound to be dissipated. Active participation of the masses is important for a democratic setup. Public participation in political decision-making is essential to good governance. Public support and cooperation holds great importance in good governance. It covers the way for good governance. Constitutional primacy is very important in this regard. It provides a framework for policymakers. Socioeconomic development provides a strong foundation to governance. It is inclusive and covers the majority of the population, while offering massive employment opportunities and a proper education system to the masses. There is also rule of law, a powerful system of accountability and eradication of corruption, etc.

The governance and rule of law sectors are experiencing a number of challenges and opportunities at the federal and provincial levels in Pakistan. The present government needs to address this issue first. As in the long run, good governance has a positive impact on one’s individual, social, political and economic life. Individuals feel secure and hopeful of the future for generations to come, when all his or her basic necessities of life are fulfilled. When a nation is satisfied and its people are content, countries experience development and a better quality of life. No doubt the good governance is a panacea of all ills prevalent in the country. Whether it is going to be or not is really a zillion dollar question. 

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