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Interview With Awaid Arshad Bhatti CSS 2017, 1st Position Part II

  • Zahra Maqsood Butt
  • Sep, 2018
  • 5494
  • CSS

“My success Philosophy”

Where you might have a weakness, others might be stronger and vice versa. Try to learn from everybody and respect all your peers and teachers in this process and stay humble praising Allah in all your accomplishments.

G.A. Tell us about your educational background.

A.After doing M.phil in Development Studies I have worked as a Chartered Accountant for EY in Investment Consultancy for nine months.

G.A. Let us know a bit about your journey and introducing CSS to the new comers.

A. CSS is one of the toughest and the most prestigious exams in the country. Despite any institutional weaknesses, we can proudly say that it is an exam based upon merit, preparation as well as one’s notes. CSS allows people of all strata of the society to get an opportunity to be in the highest echelons of power.

G.A. What is the first step towards success in CSS?

A. The first and foremost step of the exam is to forget your background and sincerely focus on devising a structure and plan that caters to the need of the exams.

G.A. What should be one’s learning philosophy in CSS?

A. Try to learn from everybody and respect all your peers and teachers in this process and stay humble praising Allah in all your accomplishments.

G.A.Would you share with us any specific strategy to handle the written part of the exam?

A.Practice extensively, since every attempt validates your preparation. In 2016, I started the CSS preparation. I worked hard, consulted my seniors and above all appeared in all practice tests and exams. The same enabled me to self correct my notes and my preparation through every step.

G.A. Alongwith practice which other factors pay you back earlier to exams?

A.Remembering your commitment and focusing on the exam preparation is the key. There are so many other capable candidates that are preparing the moment you are not studying, so somebody else is working towards that position.

G.A. How to make notes of CSS subjects?

A.Alongside, every class you take, try to make notes by consulting two books for each subject with your class notes. Utilize them for CSS exam notes making accordingly.

G.A. Any encouraging message for those interested in coming towards civil services.

A.I want to encourage the best students of our country to come to the Civil Services. Because despite all issues, it is our home and it is our foremost responsibility to do whatever is in our power to help create a positive change.

G.A.  Any message to CSS aspirants, who remain anxious about the exams.

A.Success in CSS is a combination of smart work and focus. But above all, it is a direct result of the prayers and wishes of your teachers and parents. So always stay humble and try to help everybody who comes to you.

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