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Aneek Anwar (Pakistan administrative service)

  • KIPS Bureau
  • July, 2019
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The KIPS Bureau Q&A with Aneek Anwar (4th position holder in CSS’18) about his pre-exam experiences, his preparation and his techniques for tackling the CSS, at length here. Mr. Aneek also spoke about why he chose the PAS; the KIPS Bureau has included that portion of the conversation below

G.A. Our readers would like to know about your educational background.

I have done bachelors in Electrical Engineering from UET, Lahore

G.A. What was the strategy you followed for full fledge preparation of competitive exams?

I took a three months leave from my job. Also, I got my essays checked from a teacher on semi-regular basis. It’s imperative to keep writing on a daily basis and getting your work checked. It’s really that simple. Candidates keep on reading and studying thinking they’ll pass the exam; the real task is to write.

G.A. What would you like to recommend the CSS candidates in the light of your experience regarding paper attempting techniques, preparation, and books that must be consulted besides other sources?

Try to balance your time equally between all questions. Prepare subjects which are weak or in which you have less interest earlier. Moreover, do choose one or two subjects which you really like.

G.A. How do you see KIPS as an ultimate source of guidance for the CSS aspirants, and how did this platform benefit you?

I think it’s an unparalleled platform for all CSS aspirants. The faculty is highly competent and accessible. The quality and services being offered in this conducive; the new features added by KIPS are also worthwhile. I would suggest all serious aspirants to go for this renowned institution for proper guidance, direction and push-start for a thorough and complete preparation.

Last but not the least, I can certainly say that KIPS has the best interview panel all across Pakistan.

G.A. Which civil service are you in?

I joined PAS (Pakistan Administrative Service)

G.A. In which subject you scored the most and how you prepared it?

I am still waiting for my DMC. I’ll keep visiting KIPS to aid and counsel the CSS aspirants. I’ll answer this question in detail there.

G.A. What role Global Age can play in ensuring positive results in CSS?

I believe this magazine is extremely useful, comprehensive and relevant to CSS. I can safely say it’s one of the most insightful sources in this process. Make good use of it! Consult internet as much as you can; it’s a great resource of knowledge. Additionally, find books and novels online and improve reading habits.

G.A. Your thoughts may become a source of inspiration to many and they may opt to go for CSS. What would be your advice to such aspirants?

Do not go towards CSS with the intention of gaining money or prestige, rather do it to bring change in society. Change your perspective towards it. CSS is the most learning-intensive and educating process in your life. Irrespective of the final result, you will never regret this journey that has immensely helped you in becoming a better individual.

G.A. Any tip to overcome exam anxiety?

Give some mock exams beforehand. Don’t stay in denial and shy away from evaluation. Take feedback constructively and incorporate it in your write ups; it will save you from making detrimental mistakes in the actual exams. Lastly, bear in mind that this is an exam of your nerves. So, stay calm, eat properly and sleep well before/during exams. This is the best advice!

G.A. What specific methodology did you adopt to crackdown on Essay?

I wrote 2-3 essays every month, sometimes more, starting from September and got them checked regularly. And trust me, that is not too much. This will suffice. Moreover, don’t condone the importance of an outline and the relevance of your content. Don’t bombard the examiner with extraneous knowledge that is not relevant to the essay. Most importantly, use simple, lucid, clear and easy grammar/vocabulary. It is a myth that you need to use difficult language in order to pass CSS. Refrain from buying such rumors.

This interview is brought to you by the KIPS bureau

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