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I Am On A Mission: Salman Raza On His Success And Passion For People

  • The KIPS
  • Mar, 2019
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Salman Raza has been busy, even by his standards. Right after his CSS success in 2015 (merit number 141), he has set his eyes on the Ministry of Commerce and Textile. He says he is too passionate about commerce and trade because it gives him a great opportunity. In a nutshell, he is ‘on a mission’ to make life better for every Pakistani − he proudly claims − and utterly believes he could achieve it through a string of focused policies as a contributor in policy formulation

After passing his Central Superior Services (CSS) examinations back in 2015, he now reveals his success strategy that paid off in the end. ‘I opted for smart work rather just hard work. My strategy was to avoid wasting time on unproductive activities,’ says Salman Raza. ‘My strategy actually had three major segments: firstly, I focused on building my basics about all the compulsory and optional subjects; secondly, I tried to solve past papers and mock papers from the KIPS; and thirdly, I used the electronic media and practised writing daily with a short one-paragraph essay or précis, which depended on my mood.’

The young passionate Pakistani, who did his Bachelor of Science from the city’s University of Engineering and Technology in the field of city and regional planning and then went on to complete his MS programme in the same subject from the same university, knows what he is talking about - he believes in a mission he is on. He says his mission is to serve his country and his people. ‘I do not belong to a rich class but a class of society which, through its hard work, has changed its status from somewhat poor to middle-income class. I want to put my people out of their misery, and one such a misery is poverty, as we know it.’

He then goes on to saying, ‘I believe the Ministry of Commerce and Textile gives me a great opportunity for that. Honestly speaking, I am on a mission to make life better for every Pakistani and I can achieve it here through focused policies as a contributor in policy formulation. Finally, I believe the CSS is worth it, not for yourself or your own family, but for your duty as a Pakistani … Some dreams come true, so I was told.’

‘But beyond this banality, dreaming can be often an amazing pursuit in one’s life,’ says Mr. Raza. ‘You never quite know: one could find himself or herself in achieving what he’s or she’s been dreaming of, after all.’

Nevertheless, Mr. Raza finally turned up for our interview dolled up with a casual dress: no tie, no three-quarter-length leather coat, and all that jazz.

The KIPS Bureau team wished to know more about his thoughts for other candidates on how to prepare and tackle the exams:

‘For one thing, the candidates must acknowledge that the exam is not a luck-based thing, rather it is a thing which relates to hard work and one’s will. It is not like any other exam we went through during our academic studies. It is altogether a different ball game: it requires a lot of hard work and there are lots of recommended books available to read. But the key is to read the parts which are relevant to syllabus rather than becoming a book worm. One more point about paper attempting techniques is the practice of writing. It would be better if the same pen was used for the whole year rather than changing it at the last moment. The preparation technique needs gathering categorised data according to opted subjects.’

And advice on some self-help tools for the current and future candidates:

‘I recommend books such as Emergence of Pakistan by Al-Rahiq-ul-Makhtoom, Theory of International Politics and others which include all the syllabus segments. One must remember that it’s not about cramming and memory muscle alone. So, keep practising, reading your daily newspaper and always writing one- or two-page review of the things you read. This will gradually help you write analytically.’

The KIPS then wished to know whether the KIPS was any good at guiding him to success:

‘The KIPS is a wonderful institute; it gives an aspirant not only will to do the CSS but also guidance, which has no alternate. For a fresh graduate who wishes to sit for the exams, the KIPS helps in four different ways. First, it develops an understanding in young aspirants about the exams themselves and wipes out any doubt free of cost. Second, once you’re in the KIPS, it creates an atmosphere of competition among the aspirants and provides a launching ground with its focused English “help desk” to reduce any pitfalls for weak students. I have come across many aspirants from poor or weak academic background to do really well in the exams because of the KIPS help. Third, the institute has a really good faculty by generating the right mix of fac...

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