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Eesha the female frontrunner (Pakistan customs service)

  • KIPS Bureau
  • May, 2019
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‘Keep your head towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you’

The success of Eesha Rahim (merit number 64) in June 2016 is giving more ammunition to many more women wishing to join the Pakistan customs. The Lahore-born CSS achiever has become a symbol of the female work force. But before she was widely hailed for her hard work, she talked about her parents whose motivation helped her pass the exam. The KIPS Bureau spoke with Miss Rahim about her pre-exam experiences, her preparation and her battle against the CSS, at length here. But she also spoke about why she chose the customs service; the KIPS Bureau has included that portion of the conversation below.

Before choosing for customs service, you did some electrical engineering studies. What exactly did you do in education? I did my bachelor of electrical engineering at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) and later completed my MS/MPhil in the same programme plus bachelors in education during the common training programme and specialised training programme.

We know you were motivated to sit for the exam, but what or who exactly did so? It was my parents who have always been a source of motivation for me. It was their prayers and constant encouragement which ultimately helped me achieve my goal. Good friends are indeed a blessing though in my case my friends supported me throughout.

Let’s talk about your optional subjects before passing the CSS exam and what made you choose so. I picked the American history, international law, international relations, gender studies and sociology. As for the second part of your question, I dare say individual interest towards a subject not only makes it fun and easy to learn but also proves to be less of a burden. In addition to one’s inclination it is really important to keep up with the scoring trends in different subjects. Regardless of one’s educational background, any subject can be chosen but it’s advisable to select the high-scoring subjects keeping in mind personal interests and inclinations.

You just didn’t dare to deal with the CSS without some kind of plan or thinking to do. Is that right? That’s right. I carefully went through the syllabus of every subject then started preparing for the compulsory subjects. I consulted articles, journals and newspaper along with recommended books to understand better the topics though I must confess the KIPS and its faculty did guide me throughout my preparation and grasp of the true essence of various issues.

How much time did you spend on preparation? It varies from person to person and it all depends on how much time you can spare each day. I personally took about four months to prepare and cleared the exam in my maiden attempt.

Any particular preparation technique or books you may disclose? Hard work and persistence are the pillars of success. Consistent effort towards a goal bears fruit in the end. As far as attempting techniques and preparation are concerned, it is of paramount importance to consult professional teachers who can guide you about the books and various sources.

How do you see KIPS as an ultimate source of guidance for the CSS aspirants, and how did this platform benefit you? KIPS not only helped me in improving my attempting skills but it also provided me a platform to learn through active participation in class discussions and debates. The faculty and administration was extremely cooperative and supportive and they focused on resolving individual issues rather than molding everyone in the same cast.

What was your score in your written exam and the interview? I got 697 marks in the written exam and 164 marks in interview.

Which one did you get more marks and how did you prepare? It was in current affairs. I used some recommended books and followed my colleagues and teachers. I also went through the past papers. Various articles and newspaper greatly helped too.

Perhaps you could share some experiences in your service and your achievements. I have had an amazing experience in the customs. Not only does one get to observe the government working but also actively participate in assisting the public. Truly, I must say it’s a service for the community’s betterment. So far I have attended several conferences, meetings and trainings where I got to learn as well as provide my input to improve functioning and working of the department.

One can’t just call it sheer luck? I believe hard work always pays off. So, one should never lose hope and keep striving for the best.

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