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Faizan Taimoor Saqib

  • The KIPS
  • Feb, 2020
  • 201
  • Interview - FSP

CSS provides you the shortest path to maximize the impact on society but do not disregard the uncertainty attached to it.

G.A. Our readers would like to know about your educational background.

Until O-Level, I Studied in Quetta and for A-Level I Joined BOC Lahore. Then I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering From GIKI.

G.A. What was the strategy you followed for full fledge preparation of competitive exam?

Strategy was a goal-based strategy. I joined KIPS as a beginner and it turned out to be a good decision. Then, I made short notes which could be easily read later on. I studied for about 6 months and managed the accordingly time. You can make long and comprehensive notes followed by short notes (one-pagers).

G.A. What would you like to recommend the CSS candidates in the light of your experience regarding paper attempting techniques, preparation, and books that must be consulted besides other sources?

The answers students give must be to the point and the information one uses in the exam should be from all walks of life. (Books, observations and experiences). Do not try to unnecessarily bombard the examiner with knowledge; stay relevant and facilitate the examiner with quality content, diagrams, flow-charts and tables (wherever suitable).

G.A. How do you see KIPS as an ultimate source of guidance for the CSS aspirants, and how did this platform benefit you?

KIPS is a very good platform which enables candidate to achieve and learn. However, a candidate must study by himself too and should’ not completely rely on any institute alone. KIPS helped in giving me a clear direction and path with the right insights and guidance about all topics; I was also extremely polished by their competent faculty blend of both CSPs and subject-specialists; the remaining gaps were filled by their Help-Desk. I think every serious candidate should make full use of it.

G.A. Which civil service are you in?

Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP)

G.A. What role Global Age can play in ensuring positive results in CSS?

Global Age is already playing an important role in getting the students up to speed regarding various subjects and issues. All global and national issues are covered in detailed and it has become a vital source for value-addition to all aspirants. I recommend everyone to follow it religiously! I’d say it’s as important as reading the Newspaper!

G.A. Your thoughts may become a source of inspiration to many and they may opt to go for CSS. What would be your advice to such aspirants?

Work hard and keep your goal in mind. Work smart and use whatever you learn in the exams. The ultimate objective should be to serve Pakistan. CSS provides you with the shortest path to maximize the impact on society but do not disregard the uncertainty attached to it. Give it your all and regardless of the final outcome, it’s going to be the most insightful and learning-intensive journey of your life!

G.A. Any tip to overcome exam anxiety?

Candidates can watch a movie to relax or they should play some outdoor games for an hour during breaks. Breathing exercise also helps a lot! Moreover, instead of reading too many books, watch relevant movies, videos, documentaries and discuss topics in groups. This should definitely help in increasing retention and minimizing anxiety. However, for chronic anxiety, I’d strongly urge you to consult a doctor or get an appointment with Dr. Shahid Wazir Khan (Director, KIPS CSS)

G.A. What specific methodology did you adopt to crackdown on Essay?

I gathered data on various topics and formed a view about different issues weighing pros and cons of the said topics/issues. Choose a topic that is simple and has a pre-defined stance; this will make it easier for you to formulate your thesis statement. Take 20 important essay topics for the upcoming CSS exams from your teacher at KIPS and make your own comprehensive outlines on them; this will keep you in the safe-zone as Essay is all about survival. Also, please avoid difficult terms and subject-specific jargon in your Essay as it could backfire. Keep it simple, crisp and give a reference in every paragraph to substantiate your argument.

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