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Globalization isn’t dead yet

  • Zehra Vistro
  • Feb, 2020
  • 173
  • Poem

Air is veering its direction

Retreating globalization

What once used to be a cause Cèlébre

Is something unto retrogradation?

Tide has turned

With the stepping in of Trump

Pushing protectionism

Levering populism

Retrospecting the revolution

World is changing its order

As Heraclitus says nothing is permanent except change

But where is the world moving to?

It is rushing to a new era An era of information

A rapid increase of data

Connecting the world at fast pace

Alas! receding epoch of trade

Fallouts like trade deficit and monopolization has been into trend

In the name of free global trade, affluent exploit minor in their favour

Unpopularising it by portraying it a rhetoric of privileged

Hey hold on! It is not yet dead.

Rather it is panting and protruding in the form of digital age.

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