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  • Zehra Vistro
  • Jan, 2021
  • 994
  • Kashmir: A Sad Tale Of Caged Birds

Simmering pain engulfs the nerves

No doubt, when the writ is hurt -

It’s the universe of God

He has freed us to this world

How dare we cease its procession

And bid to cage its birds

Kashmir: a sad tale of caged birds

They roar and roar to let the air convey its deplorable tune

In vain hope to sing until the dawn creeps again

When the stones will melt

When the sky will pour glitters

When the sun will rise from the west

For little they know, it only bechance in the fairy tales

But, dang! This chest is, as if, broadened with no-hoper hope

Paradoxically, it nourished their bodes and all the same perforated them

The caged birds commence a campaign of unbridled ferocity

And whistle with a fearful trill

Unknown of the next atrocity

As already they’ve lost nuff

The agony of doom is felt in its line

Sadly, it’s heard and unheard at the same time

The homophonic chronicles have consumed a decade

Limning them the freedom lorn

Who wishes freedom no matter it tolls graves and whole cemeteries

Turning down their rights will bear no fruit

For the birds are immersed in furore and fury

Their inside has caught an inextinguishable fire

It’s beyond my apprehension where is the problem

The long given promise was always a farce

Why are they charged with wish of freedom?

Why clipping their wings?

Scrapping of the Article 370

Unless you wants to be envisioned as a muscular nationalist

Get off of that haughty, belligerent and aggressive horseback

For you might trip down on the ground of hundreds and thousands of dead

Where is the world community?

It doesn’t seem coming

Oh yeah! Aren’t they occupied with the stratagems of green economy?

Redundantly, neglecting the sole business of rescuing the brutal history

Likely, the fate is brooded and decided

The birds be caged forever in the ghostly silence

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