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The Democratic majority’s greatest influence will be oversight − the ability to call hearings
By pulling out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, American President Donald Trump could land in a big gun-down in the long run, say Global Age political analysts
The Communist leader’s over-reach to get rid of America’s Cold War strategic encirclement of the Soviet Union put the final nail in his coffin
Grammarians at KIPS remind their students of ‘Standard English’ and finally wind up their pep talk with a string of prepositions
Indians are buying arms from Americans and Pakistanis, once Americans' Cold War ally against the Soviet Union, are becoming cozy with Russians. Analysts at Global Age weigh in on the close cooperation between Moscow and Islamabad
Conflicts over South China Sea, Taiwan and trade have soured relations between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping and plunged both into the diplomatic deep freeze. The think-tank based at Global Age believes the honeymoon is almost over
KIPS Bureau's historians concisely review Ruth Scurr's book Robespierre and the French Revolution and blend Robespierre's ruthlessness and idealism with their brief history of la Révolution française
Our capacity for abstract thought is a cognitive trick, yet this argument undermines itself. Can we trust our own reason? KIPS Bureau's lecturers look at the reasoning
The elections have changed the political landscape and will affect special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, the border wall, the economy, healthcare, climate change and redistricting, Global Age thinks ahead to coming changes
Americanisation of English has split speakers and linguists into two worlds. But how did this happen and why should we care?
The China International Import Expo, which ended on November 10, is opening the country's market further to the world as many exporters, including those from Pakistan, plan to take advantage of this opportunity.
President Harry Truman's doctrine of 'containment' was not without its critics who claimed the outcome would be an ongoing 'cold war' that might never involve actual combat, but would drag on drying up his country's resources
Do you know which planet is the densest? How about the densest element on earth?
Global Age economists weigh in on the good, the bad and the ugly sides of the all-weather friendship
‘The women’s strength in PSP is increasing in every upcoming batch, and I do not see any challenge for them to perform well’
Study shows as many as 11 million premature deaths are linked to air pollution alone
The most significant factor in the decline was physical and geopolitical. Global Age investigates the saga of the fallen science
Pakistan ranks 141 out of 142 countries in the gender gap index. Global Age takes a peep at the facts and figures
Can reformers make up for generations of neglect? Global Age educationists set aside their scepticism and look around for an answer
Cyrus G. Robati poses the 64,000-Drachma question: How much did Plato know about behavioural economics and cognitive biases? Pretty much everything, it turns out
With an economy paralysed by International Monetary Fund (IMF) interference, Pakistan could reassert its independence by halting debt repayments, writes Global Age
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