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Political parties are dragging on morality issues to subtract social legitimacy from each others vote bank by challenging the moral credentials of their political rivals. The history of human societies is full of conflicts. Men have made comparatively but little progress in solving the problem of their aggregate existence.
After Trumps speech, the Pak- US relations have hit the lowest ebb. Be it American aid or blame game, Pakistan is at the receiving end. The USA has once again blamed Pakistan to be hotbed of terror sanctuaries instead of acknowledging its supporting role in war against terror and sacrifices made by the nation and its armed forces.
There were expectations from President Donald Trump to acknowledge the sacrifices made by Pakistani people and armed forces for the peace and security of Afghanistan and to announce withdrawal of forces from the country. But Mr. Trump disappointed all of us. He has back tracked from his promise to swiftly end America's longest war.
This is not the first time the two neighbours who share a rocky relationship have faced off on the ill-defined border, where minor incursions by troops have been common. The disputed Sino-Indian border called Line of Actual Control (LAC), long a source of occasional clashes, is once again the focus of a confrontation between the two countries, this time in an area claimed by Bhutan.
The artist seems to be returning to his landscape work with their focus on green and ochre evoking summers in Punjab. The grove of trees at the centre is the solitary focus of attention in this work of art. The reflection, despite its flecks of grass and leaves, is crystal clear, demonstrating the artist's command over the brush.
Contrary to Mian Sahib’s (Punjab House Islamabad to Jati Umra, Lahore) long march, Mao’s long march travelled more than 9656 Kilometer which continued one year and three days consecutively. Mao’s and his revolutionaries passed through very dangerous and uneven routes in eleven provinces of China instead of carpeted roads, toll plazas and so on
The target is to stop temperatures rising by more than 2'C compared to the pre-industrial level. Failing which, the world is set to face rising sea levels, unprecedented heat spells, high intensity floods, droughts, diseases and other calamities
Tragically after 16 years of committing substantial treasure in blood and money, with no end in sight to make Afghanistan safer and more secure, the alternative ranges from bad to worse
Although Pyongyang is known for hurling threats with extreme expletives, the US President's utterances have touched new heights. The mounting tensions on the Korean peninsula are reminiscent of the October 1962 Cuban missile crisis when cold war was at a peak and deployment of Soviet nuclear arsenal was central to the American nervousness.
Any critique about madrasas in Pakistan must be handled with care, given the sensitivity of the public about an institution considered by many in the country as shield, protecting pristine Islam from undesirable foreign influences.
The United States spends more on military than next 8 nations combined. There is no gainsaying that the United States Navy has greater power than almost all others combinedii. But United States Navy currently faces exceptional challenges since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq first began.
In various cyber related investigations by the law enforcing agencies what has transpired from the uneducated class in general and the educated class in particular is extremely surprising, nay an eye opener.
Dr. Mubashir hassan did his civil engineering and also worked as a teacher for some time. Later on he joined politics. Dr. Mubashir hassan alongwith late zulifqar ali bhutto is the founder of pakistan people’s party. In the lawn of his home, situated in gulberg, lahore, pakistan peoples party was founded.
Music does not resolve disputes it creates a climate in which disputes can be resolved. There is no reason why Military Bands may not act as a dispute resolution mechanism
Like Information Internet the Energy Internet will connect all the grids of the continents and dream of 100% access to clean and green energy will be made possible through energy internet.
The main task of English writing resource persons is to facilitate the learners in their writing proficiency pertaining to their needs and keeping in view the course outlines. How to achieve it in a paramount way is the concern of many English (as a second) Language researchers and teachers (Polio, 2003).
Zakat gives a way in alleviating the poverty universally regardless of the class, color, region and creed. Zakat is amongst the five pillars of Islam that is obligatory on all Muslims having certain amount of concentrated wealth for a specified period. Zakat is one of the most powerful poverty alleviating instrument that ensures the circulation of wealth amongst all communities.
Over the past few years there has been significant improvement in the health sector of Pakistan. Not everything is exactly going according to the plan, but the general tendency is towards the betterment
I got 12th position in all Pakistan general merit. Here I faced the Federal Public Services Commission's discriminatory rules. Some of them are to be removed in near future as a consequence of our efforts. The visually-impaired candidates were allowed four service groups only which include: Audit Accounts, Commerce and Trade, Information and Postal groups.
Pakistan Administrative Service or PAS (previously known as the District Management Group or DMG), is renowned as the elite cadre of the Civil Service of Pakistan. Officers' recruitment for PAS takes place via the annual CSS exams, the competitive examination held once a year by the Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan.
Random Access Memory (RAM) stores data temporarily Read Only Memory (ROM) stores data permanently.
According to a new Lancet study, Pakistan in 2015 was among the 10 countries in Asia and Africa where 60pc of the world’s 5.9 million children died before their fifth birthday.
GCC was established on May 25, 1981 in Saudia Arabia, Riyadh with an aim to share common national interests among its six oil-exporting members; S. Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and UAE. They also share the common faith of Islam. Moreover, GCC holds 30% of world's oil reserves.
The US House of Representatives adopted three legislative amendments seeking tougher conditions for reimbursement of defence funding to Pakistan, requiring Pakistan to make satisfactory progress in the fight against terrorism if it wanted to continue receiving the US assistance.
Emergence of street power and its challenges to democracy in Pakistan
Our openers returned to the pavilion soon since Tariq Shera was bowling very fast and terrifically. I witnessed some batsmen leaving the wickets open against the fast deliveries in dismay. I was sent at No. 7. I was playing very well on 29 not out when a ball touched my bat, then my boot and struck the wickets in the end.
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