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The custodian of two holy mosques His majesty King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and the leadership in Pakistan continue to make untiring efforts to promote peace and stability across the world in general and the region in particular
Aristotle is believed to have said, ‘horror vacui’ which stands for nature abhors a vacuum and so the international politics is. A political vacuum appears to be created in South Asia due to the USA’s tilt towards India, that’s laying deep impact on the regional politics. South Asia is the most thin-skinned region where nuclear states border with one another. A glance on world map suffices to reveal that countries with nuclear teeth like Pakistan, India, China, North Korea, Russia and USA are tied with one another in a geographical knot.
In the recent day, different people have different opinion about the developments in Pak-US relations. For some the relations have come from bad to worse and there is no chance of improvement once again. They argue that the relations have seen better days. There is no shortage of the people who are credulous about the revival of good relations between the two countries in near future.
When you can no longer trust your army, there are serious issues that need to be addressed —(Robert Fisk)
I have never seen more apathetic, cruel, obdurate and conscienceless people than the ruling elite
His courage indicated concrete action and decision, reflecting commitment to God. It also indicated the universal self-affirmation of his being
The novel is about the confusion and bewilderment on part of the Muslims at all these changes. This is a story of a nation that once has been apple of world's eye but here comes a time when it is languishing in search of identity
In all fairness to Iraqi Kurds, they were intermittently ruled by the Turks from Istanbul and by the Arabs from Baghdad but never by Kurds themselves in past many centuries
A senior Russian diplomat, Zamir Kabulove recently warned that the US military campaign in Afghanistan failed, called for the withdrawal of all US and NATO forces from the country, which has now become an incubator of international terrorism
Speaking from the White House, President Trump accused Iran of "not living up to the spirit" of the nuclear agreement and said that his goal was to ensure that Iran never obtained a nuclear weapon. "We will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror and the very real threat of Iran's nuclear breakout," he said
India Should Question Legality of Durand Line between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Opines a Renowned Indian Scholar Satish Chandra, an Ex Diplomat
The injustice and highhandedness committed by feudal lords forced me to join politics in my area. I come of a poor family. My father had been working as a baildar in Canal Department; however, he was a sportsman and fond of exercise, desi kushti (local style of wrestling) and Kabadi. We used to reside in a mud-house seven kilometer away from Muzaffarabad city.
The greatest beneficiary of Trump's egomania is Modi government in India. Washington is in full drive pampering and encouraging India against China and Pakistan “Trump is a chaos candidate” —Jeb Bush, Candidate for U.S. Presidential race 2016
…in relation to the 21st century, it applies to an entire spectrum of activities: political, civil, military, diplomatic and corporate; to name a few. How to deal with a powerful but arrogant neighboring state on terms of equality
The smartness is making the technologies so much intelligent that they should keep systems or equipment working safe, healthy, green and sustainable
The Indian military assistance to Afghanistan has increased on a year to year basis which hasn't only pleased the American government but has also brought Afghanistan or at least a few of its cities where the Afghan government still exercises writ under the Indian influence
For the Human Capital to be smart and sustainable, the knowledge, skills and values of the youth should be inclusively carved and polished. Human capital plays a critical role in economic growth and poverty reduction.
My success philosophy in CSS is the combination of SMART WORK +PERSISTENCE +
A Christian man was sentenced to death on a blasphemy charge after he sent a Muslim friend an objectionable poem on WhatsApp.
When white light passes through a prism, it splits into __________ colors.
Trade is the tradition of Holy Prophet (PBUH). You are the master of your own business. Contrary to a service, you open or close your shop at will. ABDUL QADIR
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