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  • Saleem Shahab
  • June, 2018
  • Defence

The US arms on massive sale is a bad omen for a world where armed conflicts – wars – continue to cause death, displacement and suffering on a massive scale. Now the peace dream is a pipedream.

For the first time after 2010, the arms sale witnessed an upward trend in 2017 due to paradigm shifts in the world. It appears that some specific global players are fueling the fire in reg...


  • Muhammad Azam Khan
  • Apr, 2018
  • Defence

“The United States must maintain the credible deterrence and assurance capabilities provided by our nuclear Triad –”-US National Security Strategy, December 2017

Some scholars and think tanks in Pakistan are questioning the efficacy of placing nuclear weapons at sea. ‘The entire calculus that secure second strike capability is vital for effective deterrence lacks empirical ground...

Pakistan Winning the Fight against Terrorism

  • Jan, 2018
  • Defence

In the words of British Field Army Commander Lieutenant General Patrick Nichols Sanders “Pakistan has made breathtaking gains against terrorists and extremists in Tribal areas, unmatched in over 150 years, and deserves credit for that"

Every year Pakistan celebrates the defense of Pakistan day commemorating the valiance and sacrifice of its armed forces in the face of naked aggressio...


  • General (R) Mirza Aslam Beg
  • Sep, 2017
  • Defence

“Tragically after 16 years of committing substantial treasure in blood and money, with no end in sight to make Afghanistan safer and more secure, the alternative ranges from bad to worse”

The Afghan War of Liberation has twice changed its course in a short period of three decades. In 1987, it was the ‘stinger missiles’, which forced the Soviets to withdraw and now it is the “suicide b...


  • General (R) Mirza Aslam Beg
  • Aug, 2017
  • Defence

I was tasked to search for the new weapons, equipment and the much needed technology to complete the agenda for change. Having tried several avenues, we finally turned to China, to find a positive response from them

Our defense collaboration with China is exemplary as well as unique. It has helped our armed forces, particularly the land forces; regain their élan after the 1971 debacl...

Changing Dynamics Of National Security In 21st Century

  • Vice Admiral Khan Hasham Bin Siddique
  • May, 2016
  • Defence

National security in 21st century would pose a formidable challenge because of sheer complexity and burgeoning scope Predicting future is a risky proposition under normal circumstances let alone in contemporary era characterized by perpetual volatility, uncertainty and conflict. Paradoxically though, planning and preparing for future challenges is necessarily based on contemplating future scenarios and ...