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Reporting Rape

  • Beenish Zia
  • Oct, 2020
  • Female Freedom

Every step of the way, the system is a monster

Have you ever wondered what a rape survivor goes through post-incident? Let me walk you through their journey and encourage readers, in particular policymakers and state officials, to imagine themselves in the shoes of the survivor. And to keep this feeling in mind when they take their next steps.

The first torture for the s...

Politics, Not Economics

  • Rafia Zakaria
  • Sep, 2020
  • Female Freedom

The ideal educated and employed Pakistani woman is only a doll. She can say sentences that are expected of her in any given situation

Viewed from afar, Pakistani women seem to be doing quite well. The rates of urbanisation in the country have risen and more women than ever now work outside the home. While most of these women have informal or low-skilled jobs, many also work as doctors, la...