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  • Oct, 2017
  • Travel & Heritage

This country which I love, this city which I adore, this place which I call home…….hang on; the airhostess is saying something to me. My God, is she pretty!


Whenever I think of any place to visit, there is a checklist of things which I go through before finalizing my decision. For example, if the people speak and understand English. Are the people fri...

The Cholistan Desert Rally

  • Fareeha Ajaz
  • May, 2016
  • Travel & Heritage

Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab has been organizing the rally since 2005

Southern Punjab is host of rich variety and culture. You can find people of different dialects as well as cultures there. It comprises 13-main districts which are known for their demographic features and other characteristics. Bhawalpur is one of the major cities of Southern Punjab while 2/3rd of total a...