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JUNAID JAMSHED (1964-2016)

  • KIPS CSS Admin
  • Jan, 2017
  • Tribute

While returning from Chitral to Islamabad, "Dil Dil Pakistan" fame Junaid Jamshed expired in an air crash on 7th December 2016. In fact, he was on a Tableeghi Jamaat mission to Chitral. After completing his mission, he boarded on a PIA flight 661 heading to Islamabad where he was to deliver Friday sermon in parliament house mosque. Unfortunately, his flight crashed near Havelian, KPK.

Abdul Sattar Edhi A Man Larger Than Life

  • Sara Sarwar
  • Aug, 2016
  • Tribute

Kindness is as fire, shared from between spirits. Kindness is as water, finding a way, seen through, to extinguish dismay. Kindness is as wind, that guides the largest sail, invincible to day and night, larger than the largest whale. Who Abdul Sattar Edhi was? A living legend? A great humanitarian? Most beloved man of Pakistan?

These words don’t suffice who he was. Edhi was an institut...

Muhammad Ali, A Boxer With A Brilliance

  • Iqra Sajjid
  • July, 2016
  • Tribute

Born as Cassius Clay in 1942, Muhammad Ali was the world's most thrilling and enigmatic boxing champion

On 3rd June 2016, every social media website, and every newspaper/magazine article was echoing with the chants "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". On this day the world lost a revolutionary and charismatic person, a prac- ticing Muslim and a high spirited sportsman. Ali, at...